Yellow King are a band formed in 2013 from the Midlands. Drawing on varied influences including Pearl Jam, Qotsa, Alice in Chains, Floyd, Foos and Soundgarden resulting in a grunge/metal/desert/southern rock sound led by heavy, gritty, guitar driven riffs with melodies and breakdowns that will smash you in the face!

“If the common good has got to make up fairy tales, then it’s not good for anybody.”

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Watch Yellow King performing ‘One Day’ below:

Hailing from all over the Midlands, UK, Ghozer are a 4 piece fuzz, hard rock band. Formed in 2018 through long time friendships, new introductions and a mutual love of stoner doom rock.

Influences include Red Fang, Russian Circles, Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Soundgarden, Monolord & Black Sabbath.

“These lads have crafted a fantastic blend of prog and doom which there is not enough of in the oversaturated and wildly popular genre. The influences are all there within tones and sound but the energy and song writing is a different kettle of fish and that’s what makes Ghozer stand out.” [RIFFTASTIC, 2019]

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Cornflakes at Kelly’s are a Punk Rock band based in Coventry, England. Formed in early 2019, the four piece worked fast to release their debut single Honey It’s Kinda Hard in early July, with their second single, Dynamite, released on October 10th. Known for their fast music and onstage dynamic, these lads are racing to the top.

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In world full of avocados, anxiety ridden snowflakes and a burning urge to to take offence and push personal agendas on others, one band seeks to address all this with a heavy yet melodic injection of riffs and captivating lyricism. With songs written about a mix of life experiences and the mass dissatisfaction of today’s modern world, they strongly raise a middle finger up to society and its outdated structures. Time is running out. ‘knock knock’ you’re on Deafs Door.

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Chlorine are an alternative rock band from Birmingham, UK. Formed in 2017, the current line-up consists of Vocalist Jamie Lee, Rhythm Guitarist Dominik Drozdz, Bassist Nash Ridley, Lead Guitarist Alex O’Neill, and Drummer Joshua Zaidi Crosse. Chlorine has recently released their debut single Path of Destruction which is available to stream on all the major streaming platforms. Their songs are influenced by various genres including pop punk, metal, hardcore and classic rock.

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