A band of seekers, movers and malcontents not looking to get by on fans sentimentality towards guitar music but with their music alone.

In the hopeless dawn, The Surrenders will pull you out of your shoes and leave you woman mad. As unshakable as your first breakup and significant as the last.

2017 really did give us the realisation we can become the band we always wanted to be. With the help of This Feeling who has took us under their wing and allowed us to venture out of the midlands and get our own tour to showcase the songs we have built up and ready to show the world. Then the added bonus of our first festival season to get Isle of Wight and Reading was just a dream!

Releasing our first single ‘Shouldn’t Have to Dig’ this spring and going to hit the road again to make sure not one part of the British Isle is left uncovered in the process of spreading The Surrenders message.

Below is a live recording of Pursuit of Love from our headline show at The Flapper last October courtesy of This Feeling and Pirate Studios

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From the West Midlands rises the heavy-laced rock of HVMM. When was the last time you went to a gig and felt that teenage combination of fear and excitement? Picture a sepia-lit stage with four smartly garbed musicians staring out steely eyed. Collarless cotton, cravats, smoked chrome glinting on resting Fenders: the scene feels theatrical, anachronistic, subversive.

When the music starts, dark Victoriana bursts into apoplectic rock ’n’ roll, fizzing with a fun kind of fury. Guitarist Ebony Clay and bassist Jack Timmis smash out brawny, off-time riffs that evoke the darker moments of Led Zep IV. The space they and rampant drummer Sam Jenkins create offers singer Andy Teece’s room to spit rhythmic vocals that suggest a super-charged Tom Waits is front and center.

And then somehow, in the febrile chaos, there is sex and slick-back swagger, the sort of which you’ve seen in recent Arctic Monkeys. Take a minute to process the dark romance directing some of the lyrics and the comparison strengthens.

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Watch the video for ‘Modern Pussy’ below:

The Good Water‘s obscure lyrical narratives, phased analogue delay, and fuzz-fueled guitar riffs, lay the foundations for their own unique psychedelic tinged style of indie, psych, rhythm & blues.

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Watch the video to ‘See Your Light’ here: