The Bracket are a Midlands based trio who are all still 17 years old. They’ve been perfecting their set in pubs and a rehearsal space where The Charlatans wrote three records. They recorded a two track demo in a kitchen which was then released onto Soundcloud receiving praise locally.  They’re now looking to make the next step into clubs and their sound pairs hard, biting guitar, similar to The Clash, with a romanticised and quintessentially English approach to lyrics comparable to The Smiths or Peter Doherty. If you’re looking for the next big band, these are your boys.

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Extras are a four piece band from Burton-on-Trent. Their high energy indie sound will not fail to please your ears. All killers – No fillers!

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Watch and listen to ‘Spit Me Out’ below:

Noah Mullis is a Birmingham based singer songwriter/ Producer who has a niché for writing catchy melodic hooks which are fuelled by acoustic driven chord progressions l and raw emotion.

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