Since 2011 Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam have been churning out quality material at an alarming rate – never quite fitting into any one pigeonhole long enough to be branded with a genre, yet their extensive back catalogue is infused with a sound that is unmistakably their own.

Early lo-fi offerings in the form of two EPs, a self-titled album, and a Halloween single secured the then three-piece a regular spot on the Birmingham music scene, as well as frequent invites to towns and cities up and down the country. 

A couple of increases in headcount (most recently Junior Laidley of Johnny Foreigner fame on keyboard and percussion) have allowed the band to move away from the lo-fi aesthetic they once adhered to, and are now able to work the same unique approach to songwriting into an ever-expanding range of hooks, riffs and drones that fill any room they play.

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“This year marks 10 years since the release of SCC’s one-off album ‘Homina Homina Homina’, so we’re chuffed to have been invited to get in on this one. Since going on a long break in 2009, we’ve done our fair share of comeback gigs, but this one will be extra special… Back in 2002, when the band first started putting it about, the Flapper was the first Brum venue to give us Redditch scrotes a go. They let us put on an Epic 45 headliner, with us in support – and zoot promotions kept all the money! But along with the Jug of Ale in Moseley, the Flapper was where we really cut our teeth as a live act, with other classics shows including the one we put on with Distophia, Johnny Foreigner and Hot Club De Paris. You could say we’re ‘getting too old for this shit’, in fact, we say that every time – but who knows, we might even unleash some new surprises this time around.” – Greg, SCC

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Hello there. We are Alexei from Johnny Foreigner/Yr Friends and Junior from Johnny Foreigner/Fridge Poetry, but for the next year or so, we’ll mostly be Yr Poetry. We started this band like a newly home’d couple buys a puppy and it kinda accidentally grew into a wolf. We’ve been recording since January and over the next 12 months we’ll be dropping 3 mini albums, of which One Night Alive is the first.

We’ve been povvo musicians for over 10 years now, and we’ve learnt a couple of undeniable truths; That the £value of a song is p much £0, but, people are willing to invest in artists they believe in. It’s a bit of an experiment/potentially catastrophic gamble, but that’s what informs our pricing system for this adventure: these next 3 releases will be PWYW on our bandcamp. OR, if you trust us, we’d ask you subscribe to said bandcamp and get everything sent to you as it’s released. Subscription costs £20 and includes the CD release compiling all 3 that’ll drop with the last one, as well as various perks like exclusive extra songs, 20% of merch, the kind of bonus content suitable for a modern internet-based pay-cult ,and the warm embalming glow of knowing you’re both directly investing in yr culture and helping us sleep easier.

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“Birmingham’s best kept secret” – Tom Robinson Show, BBC6 Music.

Shana Tova craft beautifully intricate indie pop from Birmingham, UK.

Intricate Indie for fans of This Town Needs Guns and Tangled Hair with the brain-baiting catchiness of perfect pop: Subversive earworms’ – Carefully Planned Festival.

A three-piece capable of weaving multi-layered post-punk pop; straight to the point yet epic; youthfully energetic yet mature and self-assured. 

The Fly Magazine described the band as, “Spangly Lo-Fi innocence like it was made out of egg boxes and yoghurt pots and glued together with alt. rock PVA … Harmonic splendour and pulses of drumming genius ensure many will be bowled over by the Tova”. 

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Check out ‘Louder Than Bombs’; “specialist music show” on Wolverhampton radio station 101.8FM WCR, who play and support Shana Tova. Also who also boost the ST!

‘More hooks than a Peter Pan convention’

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