*This event has been moved from The Institute to The Oobleck (located round the corner at Alfie Birds, Custard Factory, Digbeth). Original tickets remain valid*

Age and a total of four full-lengths haven’t mellowed Pissed Jeans; they can still unleash a blare that will exfoliate your cochlea. Formed in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Pissed Jeans released Shallow, their first album, in 2005 on Parts Unknown Records. The band relocated to Philadelphia seven years ago, and Sub Pop released Hope for Men in 2007, and then King of Jeans in 2009. The latter was recorded by Grammy nominee Alex Newport, who also recorded their latest album, Honeys.

The process of recording four full-lengths has refined Pissed Jeans. Instead of rehashing past records or diverging in a vastly different direction their ideas and execution have become more subtly focused. They also rock like nobody’s business. Do yourself a favor and forget all the claptrap you’ve heard about other bands delivering the goods. If you want bloodthirsty, you’ve got it…

Sometimes the band sounds like hearing yourself being bashed over the head with a snow shovel. Sometimes they sound like that feeling you’d get if you dipped your arm up to the elbow in a vat of boiling grease. Sometimes they slow down and they sound like when you wake up from nightmare you can’t quite remember. Pissed Jeans trucks in menacing songs about insecurity, and nobody has ever done it better.

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Watch the video for ‘False Jesii Part 2’ below:

Kaila Whyte plays guitar and sings. Adam Haitof plays bass guitar. Marcus Perks plays drums. Collectively, Youth Man storm through a venue like a bull in a china shop, levelling everything in sight. Their hyperactive take on post punk sounds like Pixies playing Minutemen covers whilst under the influence of Dead Kennedys and amphetamines. By the end of their brakeless juggernaut of a show – once the ringing in your ears has subsided – you’ll have plenty to talk about.

Following festival slots at The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, 2000 Trees & Y Not Festival and a triumphant Birmingham headline show, the trio will now support Pissed Jeans at The Institute this August.

Latest EP Bad Weather is available now via the band’s official website.

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Watch the video for ‘Wide Awake’ below:

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