Today we are thrilled to announce that midland’s four piece, Peace, are back with a brand new album, titled Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll’, released 4th May.   The album is available for pre-order now via this link.

 It’s been three years since Peace were swelling up tents at festivals, turning guitar cynics into rock and roll dreamers with their indulgent mixture of romantic riffs, heart-shaped lyrics and dancing drum beats. After a blistering success with their 2015 follow-up LP ‘Happy People’ (their debut ‘In Love’ came out to rapturous hype in 2013), the band disappeared for two years, winding up at a farmhouse in the middle of a forest miles away from civilisation.   Now, they are back – as Peace 2.0; new label, new record and ready to reinvigorate their tribal young fanbase, one so loyal they’re known to sport Peace tattoos all over their bodies.

The band recently signed with Ignition Records, home to The Coral and Primal Scream, whilst re-signing publishing to the well-respected Communion stable.  Back at the aforementioned farmhouse in the depths of Herefordshire (a National Trust property in the middle of nowhere), the foursome wrote and wrote.  Having never spent so much as an hour in the countryside, singer Harry Koisser felt it was the most creative thing he’d ever done; “I was a total townie,” he says. “I spent six months out in an actual forest. It was very Hobbit-ish, very Hobbit-esque. Extremely isolating and scary”.

Over the past three years, Harry himself has been journeying on his very own independent transformative path; now sober, and turned to yoga and meditation.  Alcohol and partying had taken its toll.  Yoga became a habit six days a week.  It completely revolutionised his creativity.  Taking this with him into the recording studio after the farmhouse writing sessions Harry felt like he finally “had the keys to the Lamborghini.”  Fleeing to Woodstock, USA, for a month in 2017 – a most unpractical but pleasingly gung-ho decision – the band went to work with Simone Felice (Bat For Lashes, The Lumineers), a brand new injection of blood.  Having made their first two albums with Jim Abiss it was a new way of doing things, a less conventional way. Felice taught them how to use The Force…

“Simone doesn’t do any sounds. He gets into your soul. He’ll take you into a room and touch your heart, he’ll drive you down into the Catskill Mountains and say, ‘Smell the pines! Go and splash your face in the stream!’ Then he’ll take you back to the studio.” You can hear it not only in the lyrics but in Harry’s voice, which soars more powerfully than ever. “I never ever thought I could sing like that. Simone found that. He physically massaged it out of my chest with his hands.”

‘From Under Liquid Glass’ was the first taste of new material.  Released at the tail end of 2017 in support of mental health charity MQ, it is Harry’s most vulnerable statement to date – a look into his own anxiety and mental health struggles. That topic is a big sea change for a band whose second record was non-ironically titled ‘Happy People’.  “I’ve always avoided writing about that side of me. When you’re being a front man it’s easy to put on an act”.

Elsewhere on the album, the likes of ‘Magnificent’ and ‘Angel’ are a lot more introspective than previous Peace releases; thoughtful, spacious.  The latter is almost regretful of Harry playing a character for years that he can’t live up to.

With that said, ‘Power’ – which was released last week to an overwhelmingly positive response – kicks off the record in typical Peace fashion. “Hey wake up and smell the lavender!” it begins, with the sprawl of full-blown guitars and fruity rhythms that will please any long-standing fan of the ‘Delicious’ EP.  It’s a Peace with expanded, clearer horizons.

A real treasure on the record, and the one that’s inspired the direction of the whole LP, is the titular ‘Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll’.  Think classic McCartney meets ‘Be Here Now’ Oasis with a little interjection of a gospel-loving Primal Scream.  It was written as an acoustic idea pre-farmhouse. “I wrote it in my own headspace and then it became more important as time went on. I love the idea that rock & roll is not dead, it’s still here pushing the message that if you’re too busy to change the world just be a bit kinder. That’s the simplest way to make the world a better place.”

With festivals to headline this year and a whole new universe to impact, the boys are well and truly back in town. “We want to be bigger and shinier than ever,” says Harry.

Peace played their first show of 2018 at Omeara this week, as part of the NME Awards shows. Today, the band announce a full UK tour in May and are confirmed to headline Live At Leeds and Liverpool Sound City.  Tickets for the tour will go on Fan Pre-sale at 9am, Wednesday 21st February and General Sale at 9am, Friday 23rd  February. For more details go to

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Watch the video to ‘From Under The Liquid Glass’ below: