With two critically acclaimed EPs firmly under her belt, Nadine Shah has revealed the details of her debut full length album. Recorded with and produced by Ben Hillier, (Blur, Depeche Mode, The Horrors), Love Your Dum and Mad will be released through Apollo Records on 22 July 2013, and will be accompanied by a headline UK tour in October.

Having set the tone and incredible pace over the past 12 months with ‘Dreary Town’ and ‘Aching Bones’, Love Your Dum and Mad not only continues to mark Nadine as an emerging talent but offers a complete, beautifully formed artistic statement. Of Norwegian and Pakistani ancestry and hailing from the north east town of Whitburn, this young London based artist’s compositions lean towards the dramatic, with all eleven tracks finding themselves imbued with an understated unease, a deep personal connection to their author and a real triumphant streak beneath the darker hued material.

Musically, she is reminiscent of early Bad Seeds material and the bruised honesty of a sheen-less Broken English by Marianne Faithful. Vocally, Nadine counts her inspirations as Nina Simone and Maria Callas by way of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (but she does confess to learning that a word with two syllables does not need ten, unlike her diva mentors), while lyrically her classic tales of love and loss find their roots in personal experiences. Nadine has taken these influences and has created a work which blends her rich and husky classic jazz streak with fantastical, organic instrumentation and the twisted industrial sounds of modern life.

“If all live debuts were as breathtaking as Nadine Shah’s then the walls of the music industry as we know it would crumble to dust, and in their place proud palaces of hope and beauty would spring forth.” – BBC

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Watch the video for ‘Dreary Town’ below:

Plus support from CLOUD BOAT

Occupying the nocturnal space between the poignant maximalism of Tim Buckley and the codeine beats of Mount Kimbie, Cloud Boat are slowly but surely carving out a distinctive path for themselves as purveyors of gorgeous, shattered-heart soul bar none. They released their debut album, Book Of Hours, on R&S / Apollo at the start of June, continuing the label’s lineage of classic, experimental records from the likes of Aphex Twin, Maark Van Hoen and Biosphere.

For what can be described as electronic music, the album is a delicate, intimate affair, a beautifully sustained exercise in mood and tension and far more precious a record than most others right now. It has been widely praised by critics, with Dummy making it their Album Of The Week and Clash calling it ‘among the year’s most accomplished debuts’.

Live, the band come into their own, with the quieter moments rendered more intimate, and the loud moments becoming all the more visceral. They have recently tour supported James Blake and Ghostpoet.

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Watch the video for ‘Youthern’ below:

As well as opening support from MALPAS

Malpasbegan as an experiment between songwriter Ali M Forbes and producer Andy Savours. The starting point was a few raw and creaky folk demos Ali recorded in an attic in Kings Heath, Birmingham using loops of layered acoustic instruments and listing, low-key vocal melodies. These sparse fragments were then emailed to Andy in Brixton, London, who expanded the arrangements, adding walls of synths and electronic rhythms before sending them back. This cut-and-paste approach continued, each chopping and sampling the other’s contributions and using the limitations of the method as inspiration. Musicians Jim Macaulay, Danielle Perry and Libs Poole added extra layers and voices to the expanding sound.

Soon it became apparent they’d created something that sounded like nothing much else – sort of Beirut meets M83 and Aphex Twin, via Talk Talk, Nick Drake and the Beta Band. A mixture of intimate folk songs and ambient electronica that is hard to categorise but emotionally specific.

‘Where The River Runs’ EP is available as a FREE download from the bands’ website.

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Watch the video for ‘Where the River Runs’ below: