For a band so seemingly fixated on meshing the ridiculous with grim reality, the air of authenticity that surrounds Meatraffle is striking. Cutting through the pretension of the music industry with the harsh grace of a soldering iron running through butter, these original South London revolutionaries provide an antidote to the cynical, social climbing ambitions so pervasive to every tone-deaf yuppie to have ever crawled out of Shoreditch, whilst never losing sight of their own ideals.

On the back of their fantastic new single ‘Brother’, and in the process of finishing up the new album to be released on Moshi Moshi records, it is clear that despite the constant flux we reside in, Meatraffle exist, ushering in greener pastures in a blaze of horns, left-wing idealism, and working-class struggle.

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Watch the live video to ‘Wickerman’ from Margo’s living room here:

Set apart in their own musical galaxy Birmingham’s own tunemongering grinesters, The Courtesy Group, survive against fashion, mediocrity, systematic dullness and impossible odds. Marmite to most musical confectionery, their debut album ‘Tradesman’s Entrance’ has been aired on Stuart Maconie, Jarvis Cocker and Guy Garvey’s BBC6 shows, as well as receiving four star reviews from MOJO and from Stewart Lee in ‘The Sunday Times’: their long-awaited follow-up album is released in August, 2018. Live, they remain consistently dangerous and a robust antidote to a fully digitalised itunes world.

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