JULIA HOLTER+ Special Guests

Confirms new UK/European shows including Primavera, Field Day, Roskilde festivals.

“Holter subverted expectations with this disarming 90-minute maximalist assault, featuring bagpipes, Tibetan Buddhist chanting, medieval tradition and a good semester’s worth of literary references. There remains, true to form, beauty in the chaos she conjures” The Guardian Albums of the Year

“A unique haze of avant-pop filtered through utterly adventurous modern classicism” Q Albums of the Year

“On her fifth album, Aviary, the composer and singer Julia Holter creates songs that swirl together centuries of classical and modern approaches: electronics, Minimalism, orchestral arrangements, medieval troubadour songs, piano ballads, chamber-pop, lullabies, collages, diaristic fragments, philosophical musings, open questions, encoded messages and surreal dream logic. It’s a compendium of mysteries” The New York Times

“Unfettered, cathartic, magnificent” Uncut Albums of the Year

“Pure stately beauty” Sunday Times Culture

“A homage to life and loving in an apparent end time” WIRE Albums of the Year

“Holter created a whole new world on Aviary—one that’s every bit as difficult to grasp as our own, but one that always seems rich, filled in with colours and tones that most artists would never dare touch” Noisey Albums of the Year

“A 90-minute, cinematic masterwork” RA Albums of the Year

“As Holter brilliantly displays on Aviary, music built solely on impulse and improvisation, music without explicit political content, is as valid and vital for our survival as anything that deals with those horrors more directly” The Quietus Albums of the Year

“Aviary is Holter’s best album to date. Accomplished in almost every way, what happens next could be breathtaking” Record Collector 4*

Aviary, Julia Holter’s fifth record, released at the end of last year, took as its starting point a quote from writer Etel Adnan: “I found myself in an aviary full of shrieking birds”. The resulting double album took listeners on an epic journey, guiding them through the cacophony of our world, whilst Holter explored “how one responds to that feeling as a person – how one behaves, how one looks for love, for solace”.

Julia Holter has announced new live dates for UK and Europe including Primavera, Field Day and Roskilde festivals as well as headline shows.

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