“Bolton songwriter Jordan Allen has been simultaneously blessed and cursed by the label ‘Manchester’s answer to Jake Bugg’ – but he’s so much better than that. His fierce, feisty debut single has a tough energy that owes far more to The Hives or Arctic Monkeys – and carries off the kind of swagger and attitude that young Jake can only dream of. Sharp lyrics, great attitude and a seemingly unstoppable momentum behind him – what’s not to like?” –  Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music Introducing

“It would be easy, but lazy, to describe Jordan Allen as the half-way point between Alex Turner and Jake Bugg. That said, fans of Arctic Monkeys and Bugg will most likely find something in Allen’s songs of Northern accented dark nights and sharp lyrics that they approve of. Unsigned – but probably not for long!” – Fred Perry Subculture

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Watch the video for ‘R.O.S.I.E’ below:

Plus support from THE PURPLE SHADES

The Purple Shades‘ sound is a combination of the light yet energetic drums of Ashley Field, the thick, distorted and trill heavy bass style of Charlie Brooks, the stratospheric space rock influenced lead guitar of George Bowles and the raw, ‘growly’ and yet at times blissful vocals of Dylan Boddy.

The band formed in 2010 and members have changed and adapted to create the line up they have today. They have experimented with different style of production, recording and song writing, in self produced home studios and in studios with different producers. They now have a solid 30 minute set of originals which they plan to play around the UK and expand their ever-growing fan base.

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Listen to ‘Baboons’ below:

Plus support from NAVALE

Navale is an acoustic folk/rock artist who was raised in the Welsh Black Mountains and now resides in Birmingham. His 6-track EP Muddy Amman was released in November.

Navale is heavily influenced by artists such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Led Zeppelin, but also the likes of Bob Dylan and Donovan. His music has a unique rock vibe with a twist of hippie-folk, that attempts to convey the struggle and ecstasy of human existence.

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Listen to ‘Muddy Amman’ below: