At just 25-years-old, London musician JGrrey has already carved out a musical niche with her searingly honest songwriting, dry sense of humour and butter smooth vocals.

Born in Lambeth, JGrrey (an enigmatic amalgamation of her first initial and her favourite colour) moved around between various foster homes until the age of five, when she was adopted along with her half brother. “I only really remember my last foster home” she says. “It was good. I really liked it and I remember being like, ‘I could live here.’ So when I got adopted, I remember I liked meeting my parents, but I thought, “Fuck’s sake, no. I wanna stay! We moved to Edgware, and the first month was terrible. It’s funny for me to think about now, the way tiny me behaved.” Luckily, J adapted quickly, and soon found herself joining a household of music lovers who encouraged her own interest in music and dance.

Her first song was made by complete chance. JGrrey had moved again, this time to live with an ex-boyfriend in Manchester, when she was nineteen. “It was a terrible decision” she laughs. “I did absolutely nothing no job, no plans to get a job, I would just get high all day. I remember once, my boyfriend at the time was like, “Oh, we should try out my brother’s mic.” The pair spent a day making a song. They shot an accompanying video, and then got high. “None of it was serious, but then I remember watching it and thinking, “This is cool.” Like, it wasn’t that bad. So I posted it on my Tumblr”.

Unknown to JGrrey, Roll Deep’s Manga Saint Hilaire followed her account, and on seeing the video and recognising her unbridled talent, he reached out and invited her to a studio session. “I’d never done it before” reminisces J. “I walk in and [Roll Deep’s] Flowdan and Danny Weed are there with Nana Rogues [Drake, Skepta]; people that I grew up listening to. I couldn’t believe it. I was so nervous I was shaking.” Up until her first session JGrrey had experimented with other professions. She’d once started her own YouTube channel where she’d vlog about her  honest and funny observations. These videos were noticed by SBTV’s Jamal Edwards, who invited her to be part of a show called Kojo’s Comedy Funhouse.

2019 is set to be her biggest year yet. The singers debut EP, Grrey Daze, is an incredible body of work that truly showcases her lyrical dexterity and incredible voice; from the gorgeous and hypnotic lead single Notice which finds JGrrey musing over toxic relationships and vying for the attention of bad partners, to Pretty Insane , a hazy, free-flowing interlude in which JGrrey talks candidly about mental health. It’s a testament to her raw talent, which has already been supported by the likes of Annie Mac, Anime, Jorja Smith, Julie Adenuga, DJ Target and Peter Rosenberg. On the 20th March, she’ll play her first headline show at Hackney Creative Social Club, a gig which sold out in less than 2 weeks, despite the EP not being released yet. Intelligent and fiercely talented, her musical output was one that was years in the making. She’s been biding her time, but now she’s a force to be reckoned with; the future is JGrrey.

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Watch JGrrey’s performance for ‘Don’t Fade’ below:

Jaydonclover is a 23 years old singer/songwriter from Birmingham. Jaydon’s voice is incredibly unique and is unmatched as you can hear her extremely strong Birmingham accent in every word and every song. Jaydon has always sang but chose to take music seriously in 2017 with popular songs such as London at Dawn and Winter Kisses. In 2018, Jaydonclover found her sound when she teamed up with Luton producer Hurricane on her single Redyellowgreen. From this moment, Jaydonclover speaks on her experiences in love with singles Two Years (produced by Birmingham’s own Paal Singh), and Goodthing again produced by Hurricane, featuring Dudley based singer KayFaraway. Jaydon’s main influences are old school R&B, particularly Aaliyah, P!nk and Beyonce, whilst still taking inspiration from new school singers Kehlani, Etta Bond and Jhene Aiko. Jaydonclover has now established her sound in the UKR&B scene, as she shares her dulcet tones and most vulnerable love experiences with her listeners, letting them into a segment of her personal life.

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