Heavy Rapids are an Alternative Punk/Rock band based in Glasgow. The group is composed of Dillon Squire, Johnathan Boyd, Antony Becirspahic & Jamie Crawford.

Since 2017, they joined the UK music scene with punk influenced rock n’ roll. In their first year, the band have had multiple festival appearances including TRNSMT’s Jack Rock Stage, Glasgow’s Tenement Trail, Truck Festival and Tramlines, as well as having played with Spector, Starcrawler, Rascalton and other national and international bands. After releasing 4 singles, they released their first EP release in 2018.

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Watch the official music video for ‘Crying Shame’ below:

Y!KES are a new alternative rock band from Birmingham. Since forming in January 2019 they have released two singles/videos, their debut being the highly well received ‘Uncanny Valley’.

The singles, produced by singer Joby Fitzgerald and recorded by Magic Garden Studio’s Gavin Monaghan, are a showcase of the band’s ability to bring together frantic guitar licks, gritty vocals, huge drums and cutting lyricism. The videos are both miniature features – one a horror short and one a comedy short – which show off the band’s visual creativity as well as highlighting the energy and rawness they bring to the stage with them. They are two out of five singles planned to be released this year, the third already being in the final stages of preparation ready for Summer 2019.

The band have just completed the ‘Arch Nemesis Tour’ with VEDA, the last show of which saw a sold out headline show at the Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham. They have plenty more dates lined up for this year, including slots at Your City Festival and Hard Rock Hell. They are additionally planning another national set of live dates.

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Watch the official music video for ‘The Y Factor’ below:

EARLS are a two-piece “alternative punk” band from the Midlands. Forming in 2015, they have cut their teeth on the Leicester music scene and are now looking to expand their reach after signing to Earwig Records, an independent label, and releasing their debut album ‘Cardboard Palace’ (2019). EARLS are Anthony Lamb on guitar and lead vocals and George Prosser on drums. Their number may be few, but they make more than enough noise. They are a band to look out for in 2019.

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Watch the official music video for ‘The End Is Nigh’ below: