Harico have burst onto the Birmingham scene with wide influence and a honed dynamic and are turning heads wherever they play. Three flatmates at the University of Birmingham began noodling over demos as soon as they met, and quickly developed a loyal following gigging locally after adding an astrophysicist drummer to the ranks. Their sideways approach to indie music has drawn comparisons to the art rock of Everything Everything with the new wave sensibilities of Depeche Mode and a disco streak that the Bee Gees wouldn’t be ashamed of.

Harico are now gearing up for the release of their new EP, ‘The Panopticon’, a musical narrative. It is a sound-tracked fantasy, of an inmate of a conceptual prison experiencing despair, love and loss within the confines of his four curved, poured concrete walls. The highly coherent EP revels in its dark lyrics, yet remarkably melodic characteristics.

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Battling eerie beats and plastic synths, Brummie duo Mass House sing songs of Birmingham’s Brutalist heritage and the city’s diverse collection of personalities. With cited influences ranging from ‘Tame Impala‘ to ‘Aphex Twin‘, Mass House have moulded a unique electronic sound.

Through a tangle of cables, drum machines, samplers and synthesisers, infectious grooves entertain audiences in their experimental live shows. Recent support slots include upcoming artists Sports Team, Patawawa and Mellah.

‘They reeled in the crowd with their techno-pop arrangements’Counteract 

Latest release ‘Angelina Bones’ takes influence from the Irish Catholic community in Birmingham, and is about an innocent relationship turning sour. The pulsating groove and lingering synth lines hold tension as the characters in the story explore Birmingham’s streets and canals, depicting what it’s like to grow up in the city.

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Watch the official music video for ‘Rootz’ below: