Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues and a sprinkle of soul. Flake provide a vintage sound with a modern twist, preformed as a holy trinity.

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Penny Famous are a 3 piece indie/punk band from Telford West Midlands.

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Built on a vision of capturing modern life within their music, Headshrinkers infuse the vulnerability of veracious poetry, backed by confrontational punk riffs and 60’s jangly guitars. Taking influence from the likes of Joy Division, The Jam and The Stone Roses, they amalgamate these influences to create a whole new cacophony of sound. Their frantic, full-force live shows bombard the audience with Matt’s pummelling drums and Xavier’s pounding bass-lines, complimented by James’ searing guitar and Garran’s gritty vocal performance alongside his chaotic stage presence.

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Check out the lyric video for ‘ Underclass’ here:

Monty Lush are a 4-piece young indie band based in Birmingham. Drawing inspiration from 90’s britpop and modern indie bands such as: Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Sam Fender, Blur, Viola Beach and many others.

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