Drought on Mars are a young British 5-piece band from the town of Bridgnorth in the West Midlands. Formed in 2012 and inspired by artists such as Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pink Floyd, the band originally started playing covers around local pubs and music festivals. In 2014, the band focused on developing their own original material and their unique alternative and progressive edge soon became apparent. Drought on Mars released their debut album ‘Autumn Leaves’ in August 2017 which presents an eclectic mix of catchy pop-rock numbers and melodic progressive rock with a unique style.

“Autumn Leaves is a complete contrast from start to finish. The listener should be prepared to take a journey from bright catchy rock numbers to the dark undertones of melodic progressive rock.” Dan Bradley, Producer

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Watch the official music video of ‘The Partisan’ below:

Strike One is a 5-piece band originated from the Midlands. Their live performance will provide you with the ultimate 80’s classic rock experience with a wide range of influences, such as Toto and Kansas.

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The Wazowskis are a fresh new band looking to take 2018 by storm. The band have already supported the highly acclaimed Rose Dive and played at 02 Institute.

Jouska is a brand new Birmingham band.

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