The Butters Aliens are a 4 piece Garage Punk Rock band from Birmingham, UK.

Consisting of Lead Guitar/Vocals by Ed Draper, Bass played by Danny Bartlett, Guitar/BV by James Bennet and Drums by Fin Elwell-Jones. Nonetheless, expect instrument swaps throughout their sets.

TBA have been playing shows since 2015, bringing raw energy and excitement to venues across Birmingham, selling out several gigs and being known for their outstanding performances on stage.

Not only do they play original, catchy songs released from their most recent EP ‘Train Bog’, they also cover the famous ‘Wiggly Woo’ with a punk twist, engaging with the audience and forming mosh pits where it’s up-to you to decide whether you want to be involved in them or not!

The Butters Aliens and their music is mostly inspired by artists such as FIDLAR, Skeggs and Drunk Mums, so expect a large crowd, a room filled with sound and a night to remember. You will not regret your attendance!

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Cornflakes at Kelly’s are a Punk Rock band based in Coventry, England. Formed in early 2019, the four piece worked fast to release their debut single Honey It’s Kinda Hard in early July, with their second single, Dynamite, released on October 10th. Known for their fast music and onstage dynamic, these lads are racing to the top.

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In Our Lives are a new fresh and exciting 4 piece indie rock band from the Black Country with influences in genres like pop punk and Britpop whilst also managing keeping it fresh and modern with a clean feel and energetic feel along with a solid 90s sound and vibe.

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Honey I Shot The President – An energetic band from Birmingham, Creating a new style bringing a 60’s style to modern day Indie, with their EP only around the corner the lads are buzzing to bring you their biggest tracks to date, after forming in early 2019 the lads quickly grew to love (HISTP) as does everyone who comes to see them.

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