A deep introspective trip for the ages, Newcastle-formed, Brighton-based trio Demob Happy’s second album Holy Doom peers into the depths of the human soul. Within each person, there exists good and evil, a yin-yang axis we each try to navigate. There’s a sinner inside every saint. With a gemini spirit, this remarkable full-length pinballs between pure holiness and the lure of the devil, often within the space of one whirlwind song.

In 2017 and looking ahead to 2018, it might seem like darkness is getting the upper hand, but Holy Doom is less a reflection of the times and more a crucial, very current look at how we collectively internalise what’s going on in the world. It asks pertinent questions: what lurks inside us? What brings out the darkness we harbour? And how do we combat it?

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Watch the video for ‘Be Your Man’ below: