Once in a while a band comes along that redefines the sound of music and becomes the soundtrack of a generation. Deaf Balloons are not that band, but they do rock pretty hard.

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Watch the official music video for ‘All Your Friends’ below:

In world full of avocados, anxiety ridden snowflakes and a burning urge to to take offence and push personal agendas on others, one band seeks to address all this with a heavy yet melodic injection of riffs and captivating lyricism. With songs written about a mix of life experiences and the mass dissatisfaction of today’s modern world, they strongly raise a middle finger up to society and its outdated structures. Time is running out. ‘knock knock’ you’re on Deafs Door.

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Headwired – We are a four piece indie/rock band from the West Midlands, we play mainly originals with a few hits thrown in. We have all individually gigged around the Midlands so we have the experience. We put everything into our music, and this is reflected in our live shows. If you want great songs performed with energy, by passionate musicians, we urge you to support us at a show very soon.

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