A BROKEN band, LOOKING to raise a GLASS of rock n roll. Sometimes slow and melancholy, sometimes a lot faster. Sweeping melodic guitars over driving rhythms.

Having released many demos throughout 2017, Broken Looking Glass will soon be releasing their debut EP.






Watch the video to ‘Crumbling Walls’ below:

Drawn together by music that is as eclectic as it is themed, The Institutes are a thoughtful and innovative quartet. Melodic, energetic, peaceful and furious in their exploration of love, life and the social structures that bind us as much as they divide us. The Institutes seek texture in their hooks and rhythm in their wrath. Drawing from the traditions of English sounding melodic guitar based bands, their set is front-loaded with the most creative songs, but the entire track listing stays sincere. Moments feel appropriately urgent, whilst almost immediately becoming intimate and brazenly honest.

The band have featured alongside the likes of Kings of Leon at the Genting Arena, the superband YOTA (Gorillaz, Beady Eye), Cast, The Stranglers and James Walsh of Starsailor

Watch ‘Million Miles’ below:

With Influences between happy-go-lucky Punk bands such as SUM 41 and Heavier elements such as Linkin Park, Second Cities are an energetic, enthusiastic evolution of Post Hardcore Music from Birmingham UK.

I gotta hand it to these guys as their enthusiasm for their set tonight was as infectious as their energy.” –

Listen to the soundcloud below:

Blick Black and the Chilliholers – “Three topless guys from Wolverhampton playing loud, fast and frankly ridiculous punk rock. They’re going to scream at you whether you like it or not!”

Watch out the video to ‘Feel Me’ below: