Black Knight Satellite are a four piece rock band from Birmingham. Organic sounding electronic waves, mixed with distorted guitars, pounding rhythms, and bountiful vocals.

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Watch the official music video for ‘Sleep Working’ below:

By Devices is a powerful, melodic indie band that will have you doing more than nodding your head.

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Formed in Worcester, England in the chaotic summer of 2018, The Jericho Racks are made up of guitarist/vocalist Jack Monopoli and drummer Rich Chaudhury. Inspired by other bluesy rock duos like The Black Keys and The White Stripes, they make dirty, scuzzy blues-rock that sounds both rough and well-oiled. The Jericho Racks may deal in retro riffage, but their lively and charismatic songs and performances bring their unique character to the genre.

In August 2018, they released their debut EP ‘What’s Your Name?’ The collection of lo-fi tracks showcases their fuzzed-out garage rock in its raw form, distilling the grit and emotion of the old blues masters and mixing it with a frantic primal energy that borders on punk rock. This mixture is not for the faint-hearted, but dangerously addictive for those who can handle it.

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Listen to ‘Easy to be Afraid’ below:

Formed in December 2017, Learn to Lie are a 4 piece alt-rock band prominent in the West Midlands music scene. Complex rhythms and  clean vocals harmonize over powerful grooves and percussion, blending genres to create a distinctive sound. Learn to Lie are perfect for fans of Incubus, Audioslave and A Perfect Circle.

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Watch the lyric video for ‘Ghost’ below: