Reiði – the Icelandic word for rage – is a fitting title for the second full length record to come from Exeter’s Black Foxxes. Born from a restless need to push creative boundaries, and a fear of stagnation in all its forms, the follow-up to their acclaimed 2016 debut album I’m Not Well sees the three-piece pushing the vicious bite that fuels their band to new highs, and experimenting with menacing shade and uplifting light alike.

United in their aim – to experiment as much as possible with the core of Black Foxxes – the trio found themselves creatively liberated, with nothing whatsoever out of bounds. Packing off to VADA studios – a stately home-cum-recording studio in the blissful surroundings of rural Warwickshire – Black Foxxes felt empowered to push the boundaries as much as humanely possible, weaving in warm peals of brass, static-laced stutters of radio fuzz, and jagged experimentation along the way. It’s also as laceratingly honest as their celebrated debut; a quality that the band will always hold above everything else.

Black Foxxes’ fearlessness and honesty is palpable across the entirety of Reiði. The pressure-bottled essence of a band that refuses to stop surging forward, rage is combusted into productive energy by the end of the record. “Now I understand rage,” goes the final track ‘Float On’ – the full-circle conclusion of this brilliantly formed burst of anger. Unpredictable and more adventurous than ever, Reiði is surely the kind of album which will leave fans guessing at Black Foxxes’ next move, and stands up as the definitive sound of a band that refuses to be pinned down.

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Watch the video for ‘Sæla’ below:

Bloody Knees have returned with ‘Not Done’, the first single from their forthcoming EP Maybe It’s Easy, released 13 October via Distiller.

After taking some time off to collect their thoughts and hone a new direction, ‘Not Done’ is the four piece’s most visceral track to date. A single that builds upon the definitive sound they have developed so far, it takes Bloody Knees to glorious new heights, whilst still maintaining their gritty core.

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Listen to ‘Not Done’ below:

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