Anne-Marie’s distinct vocal tone captivates audiences who enjoy soul, funk and blues with a hint of reggae and folk! Anne-Marie’s unique musical style does not confine itself to one specific genre and she is a keen lover of William Onyeabor, Goat, and Tinariwen.

Anne-Marie’s lyrics are honest about the human condition, yet her music has an upbeat vibe to keep audiences smiling. Anne-Marie’s songs tell stories of freedom, capitalism, and human connection, presenting an occasional lucid lyrical landscape with relentlessly unforgiving bass lines and guitar rhythms! Anne-Marie’s debut EP “Intuition” was recently released in May 2018, presenting a fresh new tone to the alternative music scene.

Over the years Anne-Marie has collaborated with a wide range of artists, DJ’s, producers, and MC’S, performing gigs in the UK and abroad across various venues in a professional capacity. Anne-Marie is currently performing her solo gigs with her band which include Lukasz Chyla on bass, Dominic James Hyde on guitar, with occasional brass and wind sections.

Anne-Marie Allen Links: Website | Facebook | Spotify

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D Jekyll & Glast Dance is a Punk-soul, Celtic funk and rocking reggae band. They deliver their performance whilst dressing like renegade Geography teachers.

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Zee Khattak is a multi-instrumentalist, vintage music enthusiast and producer from Birmingham, UK. With diverse influences from the folk revival period of England and America, Zee has crafted a unique contemporary sound with hints of blues, rock and progressive genres. Often dark and brooding, his songwriting explores themes of loss, nostalgia and longing; reminiscent of the likes of Neil Young, Jackson C Frank and Kris Kristofferson.

His debut EP released on limited edition vinyl with Gray Sky Records has been described by label owner Michael Hession as ‘A great record that is timeless in both its sound and its message.’

With a self-produced debut album in production, Zee continues to craft his skills both in the studio and on-stage; with multiple collaborations in a variety of roles and diverse venues throughout England.

Zee Khattak Links: Website | Facebook | Spotify

Watch and listen to ‘Every Winter’ below: