Allman Brown has been hailed amongst today’s most compelling new singer-songwriters, a preternaturally gifted vocalist, performer, and tunesmith whose own remarkable journey allows him rare access to the universal. DARLING, IT’LL BE ALRIGHT, the London-based Brown’s long awaited sophomore LP, more than delivers on the promises made by such breakthrough singles as 2013’s “Sons & Daughters” and 2017’s acclaimed debut album, 1000 YEARS. Recorded in January 2019 with longtime collaborator Ian Barter (Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith), the album marks an immense evolution in his artistry, its bold sonic approach providing the ideal backdrop to Brown’s distinctive lyrical vision. Songs like “Home” and the passionate first single, “Shapes In The Sun,” are both intimate and epic, their carefully etched power and passion built to soothe, arouse, and inspire genuine emotion and personal action.

Born and raised in Hong Kong before moving to London at age 11, Brown arrived in 2013 with the hit single, “Sons & Daughters” (performed with Liz Lawrence). The track proved a Spotify smash, with 10 million worldwide streams thus far as well as featured placement on multiple TV soundtracks. 1000 YEARS followed in 2017, earning Brown critical applause for his tender balladry and folk-fueled pop inspired by such like-minded artists as Bon Iver, Tracy Chapman, Paul Simon, and Feist. Brown spent much of the next year mired in the vagaries of negotiation, ultimately and happily signing with NYC’s The Orchard in December. Though he yearned to record, Brown enjoyed the time with his family whilst also devoting himself to his work. Indeed, once he made peace with the slight delay, his songwriting provided a refuge, the extra few months turning out to be more reward than obstacle.

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