Birmingham Promoters equality, inclusion & diversity policy

Birmingham Promoters is firmly committed to equality, inclusion and diversity, and to eliminating discrimination as an employer and as a provider of opportunities and services.

We value individual’s differences.

As a leading UK music organisation, we recognise and take our responsibility to champion equality, inclusion and diversity very seriously.

Respect for one another is central and integral to our business, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital or socio-economic status.

We are committed to effecting proactive and positive change in our communities and in our industry.

We endeavour to meet the objectives of our equality, inclusion and diversity policy and to ensure a positive working culture where differences are celebrated, by:

  • Achieving and supporting a workforce that is broadly representational of the wider Birmingham community and UK population
  • Diversifying the team, colleagues artists, audiences and suppliers with whom we work all year round
  • Ensuring our planning, strategy, delivery, marketing, communications and internal processes are inclusive
  • Working with industry bodies and peers to combat any form of conscious or subconscious discrimination and challenging inequality in regional and national music industries
  • Educating our team, colleagues, artists, audiences and suppliers on equality, inclusion and diversity where possible, and working with advisers and specialists where necessary to enable this
  • Working with partners, including but not limited to co-promoters, venues, freelance contractors, and other external parties, to ensure a safe, secure and happy working environment for our team, our colleagues, our artists, our audience members and our suppliers
  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive programme of music and art annually

We regularly develop and review our equality, inclusion and diversity policies, communications, activities and recruitment processes to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards.

Birmingham Promoters is a member of the Birmingham Music Coalition and the Association of Independent Promoters and supports PRS Foundations’ Keychange initiative.

For further information on this policy, please email info@birminghampromoters.com