Interview: Violet (O2 Academy3 sold out show)

We caught up with Violet, five-piece originally from Lichfield, ahead of their biggest headline gig at the o2 Academy in Birmingham, playing to a loyal home fanbase.

Interview by Paula Kowalska.

What made the name ‘Violet’ come about?

Luke: I wanted a band name with a ‘V’ in it because there was a piece of The Verve artwork at the back of their first album where the ‘V’ in it was in a really nice font and I was like I want to use that font on the next logo so I was like “Violet’s got a V in it”… and an ‘A’ because The Verve had an ‘A’ in it too and they look good

Arran: I wanted a one-word name…one- yeah one-word name

Luke: Yeah it is one word

Arran: I get letters and words mixed up

What would you say are your biggest influences?

Arran: Beach Boys

Luke: …my mum, my dad…

Pat: Slowdive

Harry: Curve…listen to the Curve

Ted: We all love the Beach Boys

Luke: We said that!

Queue everyone trying to scramble the top three… finally deciding on Curve, Beach Boys and The Cure.

How do you feel abut playing your biggest show?

Ted: Nervous, excited

Luke: [Nods]

Ted: I feel like once people start to come in that’s when it will like hit that people actually bought tickets to see us

Luke: It all just grew on its own and we didn’t expect it to

So you’re going on tour with SPINN how excited are you for that?

Pat: Yeah should be fun

Luke: Yes

Even after that chocolate tweet? (Controversial tier ranking of chocolate bars which Violet showed their disapproval of)

Luke: I don’t know how any of them agreed on that… but we can’t wait, it was really nice of them to have us

Ted: Lovely lads, should be really fun

What’s your favourite thing about touring?

Everyone: FOOD

Harry&Ted: ‘spoons, definitely ‘spoons, more of a ‘spoons tour than a music tour

Ted: Playing to people obviously

Luke: Yeah yeah of course but food…that bit when you’re like “where can I go to eat” and you have a wander round

Ted: When you’ve never been somewhere and you find a place to eat and it’s really good, that’s the best

Coming back to chocolate, what’s your favourite chocolate bar?

This question caused the biggest argument of all, answers changed every 5 seconds (Pat did say Bounty’s which is…interesting)

Underrated mention: Kinder Bueno’s and KitKat Crunchies

What songs/albums are you obsessed with at the moment?

Luke: New Bombay Bicycle Club

Ted and Pat: New DIIV album

Harry: New Alex G

Arran: New Foals

Luke: Oh yeah ‘Dreaming of’ (from Foals’ number 1 album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2)

What’s your ideal gig line-up? Who would you love to play with?

Ted: Well we played with ‘The Wytches’ which was sick

Pat: Slowdive (everyone agrees) do a tour with them

Everyone discusses a line-up that includes Slowvide, DIIV, The Cure

Arran: It’d be too intimidating

Luke: I don’t think we should put us on, waste of a slot

Harry: We could just go

Ted: Just work it

What can we expect from the new EP “Feels like Heaven”?

Luke: 4 songs

Ted: Sexy bass

Harry: Big beats

Pat: We titled one of the songs sexy bass but then we changed it

Luke: it’s ‘dream poppy’ and it’s all a coherent entity

Pat: All the songs blend into each other

Plans for 2020?

Luke: songs and gigs

Ted: Maybe a R&L headline slot? Maybe a Glasto headline slot?

Luke: looking at doing another EP in the next year, other than that just gigs and haircuts, not too many haircuts though

Arran: Throw in a scandal

Luke: Oh should we have a scandal? Should we start a scandal? That’d be fun


Make sure you check out Violet’s brand new single ‘Pure Blue’ out now and their EP ‘Feels like heaven’ out on November 22nd !