Exclusive Yonaka interview with Indie Midlands

YONAKA will play on Fri 15th March 2019 at The Castle & Falcon Birmingham. Tickets are available here.

Source: http://indiemidlands.com/interview-yonaka/

Brighton alt-rock quartet Yonaka kick off their UK tour at The Castle & Falcon on March 15th and ahead of the tour they have taken time out to kindly answer Indie Midlands’ questions.

Indie Midlands: You kick off your UK tour in Birmingham at The Castle & Falcon. Obviously you’ve played Birmingham a few times now. Anything particularly memorable about your previous visits to the city, be it playing as Yonaka or even just as a visitor?

Yonaka: The last time we played Birmingham was when we were supporting Bring Me The Horizon and we played Birmingham Arena. So that was definitely a special memory. It’s always great when we come to Birmingham so I am very excited to be coming to do our own show.

Indie Midlands: You’re a band that leaves everything on stage when playing live. George in particular always looks to be one misstep away from disaster with his frenetic Tasmanian devil playing style. Touring must be quite tiring for you once the adrenanline of each show wears off? Is there anything in particular you do to avoid being burnt out by mid tour?

Yonaka: It’s not the playing that’s tiring it’s more the waiting around before the show. We all workout to make sure we are getting the serotonin we need and we will write and do activities.

Indie Midlands: 2019 is the year we finally get the Yonaka debut album. As someone who has been following you since 2016 that feels like quite a wait considering some acts are desperate to get a debut album released as soon as possible. Has it been hard not to jump on the bandwagon and release an album within a year or two of the band getting attention? And also when did you know as a band that you were finally ready to release the album?

Yonaka: To be totally honest it hasn’t been until now that we wanted to put an album out. I don’t think we were ready before now. We needed time to grow and learn how to write and now we are there it’s time to give you from the deepest of our heart an album that is really special to us.

Indie Midlands: Can you talk a little bit about your songwriting process? Is it normally lyrics first, music first, or are most songs born from jamming etc?

Yonaka: It’s changes. Sometimes it will start with melody and lyrics, other times a riff and other times we start it on the computer. We try to keep it fresh so we don’t get locked into one formula.

Indie Midlands: Your recent single ‘Bad Company’ is about anxiety & depression. As someone who suffers with both myself it’s refreshing to see more people talking about it these days, be it in song lyrics, on TV etc. Do you yourself have any routines that you go through to help keep the ‘bad company’ away that may help others. Especially with things like getting on a stage and performing in front of a crowd?

Yonaka: I exercise, I surround myself with good people who elevate me, I eat better foods. I saw a therapist for a while. I don’t use my phone for the first hour I wake up as it can determine my mood for the day. I write down how I’m feeling. Sometimes writing it out can help a lot. I also am a bit of a self help book fiend. When I’m on stage it disappears because my adrenaline is all put into the performance.

Indie Midlands: Finally, if someone is undecided about coming to see Yonaka for the first time on March 15th tell them why they should buy a ticket? What can they expect?

Yonaka: You don’t want to miss this. You will be the first to hear unreleased music and a new show.

Watch the official music video for ‘Bubblegum’ below: