Cult Birmingham band Escobar have just released their first ever EP, 10 years after their last gig!

Frontman Glenn Smyth found some old demos of the band when moving house – recorded at EMI Publishing in 2008, which never saw the light of day until now.

Glenn Smyth,” I found a load of these demos that I’d totally forgotten about when I was moving house, when I heard them again I thought these need to be recorded properly! I then got into Muthers studio with Dave McCabe and went for it. It’s been quite a cathartic experience. I still believe in the things I did back then really, at my core I’m the same. This is the most enjoyable music I’ve made, I’m buzzing for people to hear it”

Glenn Smyth has up until now, been composing for Universal Publishing – releasing his own EP with them last year, Which has been synched all over the world. Also recently an old Escobar song ‘Stand Alone’ was signed to Sony/BMG Publishing.

The EP will be released on Birmingham Indie label HolyHowl Records by old school friend Carlo Solazzo who said,” I’ve had the label for a year or so now, put out a few select singles. I then heard these old demos of Escobar and told Glenn he had to put them out. I had to get them heard”

The EP will precede an LP and a run of live shows planned for next spring!