Callaghan at Glee Club Birmingham this Friday

Callaghan plays piano and guitar and delivers a stunning vocal which earns frequent comparisons with artists like Sarah McLachlan and Emmy Lou Harris. Her songwriting chronicles the stories, experiences and emotions which are part of everyone’s lives. BBC London’s Gabby Roslindescribes hearing Callaghan live as “breathtaking…absolutely incredible”.

Her latest studio album A History or Now was recorded in Nashville. Since it’s release in spring 2015 Callaghan has played live on Clare Balding’s Good Morning Sunday on Radio 2, with Gaby Roslin and Robert Elms on BBC London, and on regional radio across the UK.

After several years in Nashville Callaghan’s musical journey has now taken her to LA where she’s written and recorded the first of 3 new EPs. The Other Side was recorded with acclaimed producers Anthony RestaJeff Fair and Starr Parodi and will release in June 2017.

Callaghan Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Callaghan plays The Glee Club Birmingham on Fri 2nd June 2017. Tickets available here.

Watch the video for ‘Crazy Beautiful Life’ below: