Interview: Alex Moir

We caught up with Birmingham singer-songwriter Alex Moir ahead of his headline show at The Glee Club Lounge on Sat 30th May, as part of our weekly free entry Acoustic Sessions. Check out the full interview below:

Can you tell us about how you started out as a musician and what inspired you to begin a career in music?
I’ve always had an unexplainable attraction to music. I heard a guy at school who was the son of a teacher called “Jake Flowers” and he was the first reason why I started writing music. He was quite a bit older than me and I just thought he was doing something that was cool and unexpected. I wanted to be a part of that.

You released your debut EP The Numbers Game in April. Can you tell us more about the release?
It’s been a very long time coming. The 3 tracks were recorded over a 3 year period, so obviously there’s been some ups and downs along the way. I’m just relieved to be able to hold something physically that I can call my record. 

You launched the EP with a show at The Sunflower Lounge, how was it?
Incredible. I chose The Sunflower Lounge because it’s somewhere I’ve been going since I was 16. There’s been countless nights where I’ve fell in love with the place and I knew I had to released the EP there. It was a sold out show, so that’s given me reassurance about what I’m trying to do with music. 

You’re currently back in the studio recording your second EP. What can we expect from this release?
I’m attempting to strip everything back but also not rely on conventional instrumentation. I have to have music that lets my lyrics breathe but at the time isn’t bland and uninteresting.

Can you tell us more about where you find inspiration for your music?
Everyday there’s a different reason to write a song. I tend not to write about personal situations and rather about fictional scenarios. I hope people can find a reason to connect to the stories and relate it to their own lives rather than mine. 

Who are your biggest musical influences and why?
I could give you a massive list here. I won’t. Elliott Smith is the most important musical figure to me. Musically and lyrically there is no-one like him. He was a great talent and it’s a devastating that he left us so soon.

What can audiences expect from your set at The Glee Club on Saturday 30th May?
 It’s still a full band but we’re stripping it back quite a bit. Expect harmonies and hooks.

If you could collaborate with any musician, past or present, who would it be and why?
Elliott Smith. For all the reasons I listed before but also because I only want to work with people who care. People who will stay up all night trying to get a vocal take right. He definitely comes across as someone who fits that category. 

And finally, what’s your favourite thing to do when in Birmingham?
Aside from going to The Sunflower Lounge, I like The Electric Cinema, Snobs and talking to Basketball man.