Interview: Eddie Argos

We caught up with Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos ahead of his solo spoken-word show at The Rainbow to talk about his memoir, the inspiration behind his art and his highlights from his decade long career. Check out the interview below:

What’s prompted you to embark on a solo spoken word tour?
I thought it could be fun!

What can audiences expect from the show?
I quite like the fact people don’t know what it is, so I’m hesitant to tell you… It’s just me talking and telling a story for about an hour

You wrote and published the memoir I Formed A Band earlier this year, will you be reading any extracts from your memoir at the show?
The show draws on the first couple of chapters a little bit, but there is no reading, it’s all from inside my head.

You exhibited your paintings at SXSW this year, alongside Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo. Can you tell us more about the exhibition and the inspiration behind your art?
I just love painting. It’s something I’ve always done. I like my art to be like the music I like – kind of Lo Fi with the mistakes sometimes still visible. I’m untrained and I’m diagnosed dyspraxia so things don’t always come out the way I intend but that’s almost what I enjoy about it – the surprise. The exhibition in SXSW with Lee Ranaldo was great, I love his lost highway drawings so it was cool to be exhibited alongside them. I really like Karen Light who exhibited our shows. She has a converted food truck she drives around as an art gallery which is such a cool thing to do, it’s always full of the kind of art I love, and affordable which I think is important, so yeah I was flattered to be invited over by her.

How are things coming along with the new Art Brut album? Has the change in line up affected your music in anyway?
Yeah definitely a little bit, Toby plays the guitar in a different way than Jasper did, it’s a bit like having two Ian’s now and Stuffy’s drumming style is a little different than Mikes. I love the new songs we’ve been writing. I can’t wait for people to hear them.

What have been your personal highlights across your decade long career?
I’ve liked all of it. Being on the front cover of Rolling Stone in Germany was kind of fun, and I love recording with Frank Black. So today they are my highlights

Do you have any particularly fond memories of playing Birmingham in the past?
I always love Birmingham. You have that club where it is 10 pounds to get in and then free booze all night don’t you? We’ve ended up there a few times. I think because the booze is sort of free people don’t mind spilling it so the floor is always really slippy. I think my favourite memory if Birmingham is going to the indie disco there with our old guitar tech Jimmy Curry and dancing and slipping over all night. The slipping over added an element of danger you rarely get at an indie disco. Thrilling.