Interview: Youth Man

We caught up with local noisemakers Youth Man ahead of their gig at The Sunflower Lounge to talk about their new EP, their upcoming tour and what to expect from their live show. Check out the interview below:

Your new EP Hill of Knives is released on the 27th April, what can we expect from the album and in what ways does it differ from Bad Weather?

Kaila Whyte (Guitar and vocals): It’s much more dynamic and varied than Bad Weather. It’s also the first set of songs we wrote with Miles. They’re less straightforward punky numbers, but it’s still noisy and heavy.

You announced a full UK tour in support of the EP which kicks off in May. Which dates are you most excited to play and why?

Marcus Perks (Drums): We love playing in Glasgow so that’ll be a fun one. The Scots seem to really dig us… We always come back with new friends. We’re looking forward to all of it though! There are loads of places we haven’t played yet so it’ll be cool to pop their cherries.

What tracks from the album are you most looking forward to playing?

MP: ‘Dead Weight’ is fun to play live. And ‘Skin’ is always a fun ride.

What are the influences behind the album?

MP: Musically, we were just trying to write good songs and experiment a bit. After Bad Weather everyone thought they had our sound figured out – and they kind of did. But we’re in a different place now. We always try and write stuff that’ll be fun to play live, above anything else. Lyrically, it’s mostly about how stupid people can be… I’d been reading a lot of biblical stuff at the time we wrote a lot of those songs too, so I was trying to create a really vivid, sinister ‘Old Testament’ kind of vibe.

The tour also sees you reunite with Sleaford Mods who you previously supported at the Hare & Hounds back in February. What was it like supporting them?

Miles Cocker (Bass): Yeah, we’ve played with them a couple of times. They’re interesting guys to be in the presence of.

You play an EP launch at The Sunflower Lounge on the 18th April along with To The Wall and Bad Girlfriend. Can you tell us more about the bands on the line up?

MP: To The Wall are comprised of some of the guys from Shapes and some of the guys from &u&i/Blakfish. They’ve not released any recordings yet but it’s gonna be awesome, judging by their track record.

MC: Bad Girlfriend are Connor Hemming’s new band. Anyone who’s seen Connor live will know what to expect… But now he has a band he has even more freedom to do crazy dumb shit.

Are there any bands you recommend we should be listening to at the moment?

MP: There’s a band called Flesh who we came across the other day – they’re supporting us at our London show. They look like Goldie Lookin Chain but sound like the Jesus and Mary Chain. Also, we’ve been listening to a band called Teef, who are friggin rad.

What can people expect from your show at The Sunflower Lounge?

KW: The usual. Loud noises, loose limbs, blood, sweat and beers. Marcus has a new drumkit. We’ll also have a bunch of new merch.