July Spotify playlists

Our July Spotify playlists are now live! They feature some of the great acts we have playing over July, as well some other artists we have recently confirmed and stuff we are generally excited about. They’re split into two playlists, one indie/rock and one folk/singer-songwriters.

Our folk/singer-songwriters playlist features :
Josh Record
(playing 5th July, tickets)
Matt Sheehan
(playing 5th July, tickets)
Gabrielle Aplin (playing 5th Nov, tickets)
Sweet Baboo (playing 6th Nov, tickets)
Saint Raymond (playing 25th Sep, tickets)
Nadine Shah (playing 8th Oct, tickets)
Euros Childs (playing 29th Oct, tickets)
Sylvain Sylvain (playing 24th July, tickets)
Lumi HD (playing 14th July, info)
Honey Ryder (playing 9th July, tickets)

Our indie/rock playlist features:
The Weeks (playing 11th July, tickets)
New York Dolls (Sylvain Sylvain plays 24th July, tickets)
China Rats (playing 11th July, tickets)
Our Mutual Friend (playing 13th July, tickets)
Space (playing 6th Sept, tickets)
SKATERS (playing 1st Sept, tickets)
Peace (playing 13th Dec, tickets)
JAWS (playing 24th Sept, tickets)
Shatter Effect (playing 19th July, info)
Akron/Family (playing 22nd July, tickets)
Sharks (playing 2nd Aug, tickets)
Bleach Blood (playing 2nd Aug, tickets)

Listen to both playlists below