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This Week: Gig Roundup 13th – 19th Feb

February 13, 2017 in News

Coming up this week in Birmingham; on Wednesday we have sassy, high energy, pop rock duo Rews at The Flapper, singer-songwriter come vlogger Bry at Mama Roux’s, and Northern five-piece Little Comets at O2 Institute. Thursday sees South London four-piece Hidden Charms bring their psych-tinged, effervescent indie rock to the Hare & Hounds. Check out the full listings below:


Rews + Mutt + Ember Weir @ The Flapper

REWS are the sassy, high energy, pop rock duo consisting of songstress Shauna Tohill and beat-maker Collette Williams. Together they are creating a genuine buzz on the UK/Irish music scene following the release of their four recent singles. They were Huw Stephens‘ “Tip Of The Week” on BBC Radio 1 with their new single ‘Miss You In The Dark’, played on BBC Radio 6Music with Tom Robinson, as well as all 38 BBC Introducing shows. Support comes from raucous and melodic four-piece Mutt, and Birmingham band Ember Weir.

Watch the video for ‘Miss You In The Dark’ below:

Bry + Tessa Violet + Danny Gruff @ Mama Roux’s

Setting up a YouTube channel (BriBryontour) to let family and friends know how he was getting on in his travels, one late night abroad he uploaded a video of himself playing one of his own songs and everything changed. Hundreds, then thousands, then hundreds of thousands of new subscribers tuned in to hear his music. Forging a very real connection with his followers through personalised videos, question and answer web chats and specially curated online sessions, his confidence grew and his repertoire expanded. Bry landed the sole support of 21 Pilots’ sold out European tour last year. Support comes from vlogger Tessa Violet and singer-songwriter Danny Gruff.

Watch the video for ‘You’re Alright’ below:

Little Comets + Eliza And The Bear @ O2 Institute2

Little Comets, the five-piece from the North East of England, are soon to release their fourth album WORHEAD on The Smallest Label, the follow up to 2015’s Hope Is A State of MindWORHEAD is the most brutally honest Little Comets album to date – acerbic, withering and uncomplimentary about the state of our time; yet woven together with great beauty and care, drenched in positive melody and the percussive thrust of an innocent mind. Support comes from the Essex quintet Eliza And The Bear.

Watch the video for ‘Salt’ below:


Hidden Charms + The Bay Rays + The Lizards @ Hare & Hounds (Venue 2)

South London based band Hidden Charms return with their intoxicating new single ‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’, and new EP Harder From Here released via Deltasonic Records. Mounting a strong case for the title of ‘UK’s most exciting guitar band’, the four-piece carefully hint at the psych-tinged, effervescent indie rock of their previous releases, but ‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’ is the sound of a band moving forward. Support comes from Kent three-piece The Bay Rays and psychedelic pop band The Lizards.

Watch the video for ‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’ below:

Little Comets to play O2 Institute

February 1, 2017 in News

In early February 2017, Little Comets will release their fourth album WORHEAD on The Smallest Label, the follow up to 2015’s Hope Is A State of MindWORHEAD is the most brutally honest Little Comets album to date – acerbic, withering and uncomplimentary about the state of our time; yet woven together with great beauty and care, drenched in positive melody and the percussive thrust of an innocent mind.

Little Comets are a strident five piece from the glorious coast of North East England; Robert, Michael and Matt have been making music together since 2008 with additional pulsing now added by drummer Nathan and a second Matt – the utiliser. From early releases on larger labels, the band now favour a model of total self-reliance – illustrated by being the only act inside the top 200 to self-produce, record, release, market, distribute and publish an album: a task which simultaneously illustrates both a tireless work ethic and love of the craft of song-writing.

Little Comets Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Little Comets play O2 Institute2 Birmingham on Wed 15th February 2017, with support from Eliza and the Bear. Tickets available here.

Watch the video for ‘Salt’ below:

Interview: Eat Y’self Pretty

September 11, 2013 in Interviews

Championed by The Independent and the BBC alike, Birmingham five-piece Eat Y’Self Pretty have been making a solid name for themselves both locally and further afield for a number of years. Crafting a sound somewhere between indie pop and electro, they support Eliza & the Bear at The Sunflower Lounge on September 11. We chat to them about Alan Partridge, genre classifications and musical statues ahead of the show.

How and when did you all meet and come to be in a band together?

Steven [Beeston – vocals, guitar, keys]: I went to school with Roger [Shafi – keys, laptop, guitar] and Chris [Carr – drums] and then lived with Curt [Bradley – guitar] at uni. We were lucky enough to find Pete [Thornton – bass, vocals, keys] somewhere along the way and he’s ace.


What do you all do when you’re not playing in the band?

Pete: Ride bikes, quote Alan Partridge at each other and drink.

Steven: And Pete’s a flippin’ scientist!


The Independent described your sound as “jittery, angular art-rock”. Does this come close?

Pete: I’d say jittery and angular, but art-rock? Disclaimer: I don’t know what art-rock is.


Describe your separate and collective musical influences.

Steven: It’s the dreaded question. But if I had to narrow it down, then 80’s guitar bands and 90’s hip-hop are my all time faves.

Pete: I like pretty much anything electronic, dub or punk, snippets of which can be found hidden away throughout our tracks.



Do you draw inspiration from being in Birmingham and the other bands around you?

Steven: I love it, it’s a pretty fun city to live in right now. We’ve been lucky to become chums with the likes of Shana Tova, Bombers and Sunrise Over Europe. But there seem to be great songs and bands popping up all over the city right now.


Describe your creative process.

Pete: Ste comes up with a catchy little number, we add our own touches and the whole thing is polished off with Ste’s wonderful prose.

Steven: Thanks Pete, you make me sound like a div!


You released ‘Yo! Miserable / Rainbows and Waterfalls’ which is a double A-side single on 7th September. Tell me about the tracks and the artwork which accompanied the release.

Steven: We’ve been playing the tracks live for about a year. We recorded them at Magic Garden studios with Gavin Monaghan who is a magician. Both tracks have a darker electronic vibe than some of our previous stuff. As for the artwork, there’s no grand statement. I like out of date globes and they sit on a shelf in my flat. It mainly looks good because the pictures were taken on Rog’s fancy camera.


What formats does the release take and how can people get hold of it?

Pete: Initially it’s been released as a download and you can get hold of that here.

Steven: But there’s an EP which will be getting a physical release over the next month or so.



How many other releases have you done prior to this?

Steven: We’ve had a couple of EPs. The last one we put out last year on local label Dead London Records – it’s called We Are the Morally Untidy and you can get hold of that here. They are nice folks over there and we have plans to work with them again soon.


You support Eliza and the Bear at The Sunflower Lounge on 11th September. What can people expect from the show and are you excited to be supporting the band? 

Steven: Yeah, we’re looking forward to this one! The Sunflower must be the only place in Birmingham we’ve never played.

Pete: There’ll be musical statues and percussion workshops, and fast upbeat songs punctuated with the odd electronic slow burner.


Any final thoughts?

Steven: Buy our single. Also, we’ve got some wicked t-shirts available in a plethora of colours – you’ll be able to get yourself one of those if you come down to the show. See you there 🙂




Watch Eat Y’Self Pretty performing ‘Heartwings’ live at Highbury Studio below:

Weeky Gig Roundup 10th-15th September

September 10, 2013 in News

As Autumn quickly approaches, basking in the sunshine of Birmingham’s beer gardens now seems like a sadly short-lived memory. Festival frolics aside, it’s time to get back to a good old fashioned gig in a dark (but never dingy!) room. This week, Birmingham Promoters brings you the best in up and coming and established talent from across the UK to get you in the mood.



On Wednesday, we welcome the dreamy and euphoric indie quintet Eliza & the Bear to The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham city centre. Having received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the music press, Eliza & the Bear will be supported by Birmingham’s own indie pop five-piece, Eat Y’Self Pretty. Come prepared to party – find out more about the event and purchase your tickets (priced at £5 advance) over on the event page and RSVP to the official Facebook Event, here.

Check out ‘Friends’ by Eliza and the Bear below:



On Saturday, we team up with Distorted Tapes to bring bass-driven noise trio Castrovalva to The Sunflower Lounge, their amalgam grime, noise-rock and pop always providing a completely unique performance. Support for this show comes courtesy of Cardiff’s Exit International and local post-hardcore trio Wax Futures. Head on over to the event page for more information including tickets, priced at £5 advance, and RSVP to the Facebook Event, here.

Listen to ‘Senorita’ by Castrovalva below:



To round off your week, there are two excellent events to choose from.

Manchester electro-pop trio No Ceremony /// bring their stunning set to the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath. Support comes from the solo musical outfit of ex-Trantrums superwoman Anna Palmer, aka I Am Anushka. You can find more info on both acts, as well as tickets (priced at £5 advance), over on the event page.

Meanwhile, rising folk-pop starlet Charlotte Carpenter is live in the beautiful surrounds of The Yardbird with support from Birmingham’s answer to Frank Turner, Two Fathoms, and loop pedal extraordinaire, Tom Forbes. Entry to this event is free and all further information can be found over on the event page.

Steam ‘HURTLOVE’ by No Ceremony /// below:

Introducing: Eliza & the Bear

August 20, 2013 in News

When Eliza & The Bear formed in late 2011, dreams of fame and fortune had long since passed. Getting together in a practice room, having some laughs and writing great songs were the only real concerns for the five young men, nothing else was ever discussed.

In 2012 the band recorded a demo in Paul’s front room, it was posted online and made available to any friends who were curious to hear what they had been doing behind closed doors. There was no promotion, no hype and no supporting dates. Yet despite the band’s distinctly casual approach, the reaction to the dreamy and euphoric slice of indie-rock was anything but. “Response was overwhelmingly positive,”James recalls. “We were getting reviews, being talked about and contacted by industry people, it blew our mind and definitely kick-started our ambition again.”

The band traded a living room in Essex for a recording studio in Devon to develop their oxygenated brand of uplifting song. The band’s unburdened approach produced outstanding and anthemic results, typified by recent double a-side single ‘Upon The North / The Southern Wild.

“A band who will make you party come what may. ‘Upon the North’ is equally exultant and jubilant.” – The Guardian

Links: Website Facebook Twitter


Check out the video for ‘Upon The North’: