Three Trapped Tigers are a band for which genres and labels struggle to keep up; they move – often at breakneck speed –  from screeching, effect-laden guitars, an arsenal of glistening sci-fi synths, pummelling sub-bass, colossal riffs and audacious drum patterns that both underpin and define their unique sound.

As anyone who has seen their incendiary live shows will know, trying to pinpoint what makes the group such a force is a difficult thing to do. On stage they are something of a vortex, creating a swirling mass of layered sounds that sucks one in, possessing that rare ability of managing to sound complex and fluid whilst eschewing any feelings of pomposity or sterility – in full force Three Trapped Tigers feel both gracefully intelligent and wildly primal, gargantuan yet melodic.

“Music without fear, and such audacity should only ever be celebrated” – BBC

“A living experiment in how to wring maximum joy from the synth-rock format” – Uncut

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Watch the video for ‘Engrams’ below:

Plus support from THE PHYSICS HOUSE BAND

They say that some are born old and stay that way for the rest of their lives. The Physics House Band may only be in their early 20’s, but they posses musical prowess way beyond their years.

Take the psychedelic explorers of the 60’s, prog of the 70’s, tech metal of the 80’s, 90’s post-rock, all with the 21st century precision of math-rock and, well… you’re getting there. Creating incredibly modern forward thinking compositions reminiscent of Jaga Jazzist and Yes, coupled with the technical tunefulness of The Mars Volta and Battles, The Physics House Band tear through boundaries to create a truly unique sound.

Following the viral success of their debut video single ‘Titan’ early 2012, the Brighton three-piece have been performing to an ever-growing fanatical audience, spreading quickly across the UK.

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Watch the video for ‘Abraxical Solapse’ below:

Plus support from CONSTANT WAVES

Constant Waves are an instrumental band that fuse together math, dance, prog, post rock and anything else that will make your head nod in musical intrigue and enjoyment.

Combining a level of prog technicality that belies their age with some serious groove and melody; there was no chance anyone was going to talk over these guys” – SLAP Magazine

Constant Waves Links: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Listen to ‘Chicken In The Blood’ below: