Staffordshire rabble-rousing indie outfit The Shanklins played their first UK tour in 2016, alongside some familiar names. In addition, they released ‘Tell Me’, the huge summer sounding opening track from See Through.

The Shanklins, although young in age, are abundant and full to the brim with influences new and old and raw talent. Having been gigging now for half a decade, yet still only just hitting 20, these lads bring everything to the stage.

With 2016 seeing The Shanklins turning it up a notch, the band are set for further releases in the coming year.

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Listen to ‘Tell Me’ below:

Plus support from HANKKS

HANKKS are an alternative indie rock band from Birmingham, formed in 2015. Taking inspiration for their name from admiration of the fantastic movie man that is Tom Hanks, the band consists of Ben James and Jacob Evitts forming a song writing partnership with a dual vocal sound, and two brothers in James and Harry Davison all adding their own thing to the mix.

With airplay from BBC Introducing & Amazing Radio, and after playing to increasing crowds in Birmingham over the last two years, the band are set to release a follow up to their debut EP Wilson.

HANKKS Links: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Watch the video for ‘Amber Leaf’ below:

Plus support from PLASTIC FACTORY

Five piece alternative rock n roll band based in Birmingham. Formed January 2013, Plastic Factory have played multiple gigs at various venues across Birmingham and are headlining frequently. Their sets produce electrifying energy embedded with catchy riffs and lyrical prowess, all of which is warmly welcomed by a growing fan base.

Plastic Factory Links: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Listen to ‘Blitz’ below:

Plus support from THE PURPLE SHADES

The Purple Shades‘ sound is a combination of the light yet energetic drums of Ashley Field, the thick, distorted and trill heavy bass style of Charlie Brooks, the stratospheric space rock influenced lead guitar of George Bowles and the raw, ‘growly’ and yet at times blissful vocals of Dylan Boddy.

The band formed in 2010 and members have changed and adapted to create the line up they have today. Having played many gigs in venues such as the O2, Sunflower Lounge, Newhampton Hall, The Rainbow, Marrs Bar and many more. They have experimented with different style of production, recording and song writing, in self produced home studios and in studios with different producers. They now have a solid 30 minute set of originals which they plan to play around the UK and expand their ever-growing fan base.

The Purple Shades Links: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Listen to ‘Baboons’ below: