Halfway through Sweet Baboo’s fifth album comes ‘I Just Want To Be Good’, in which the North Wales singer appears to describe himself in glowing terms.

“I’m a lovely little man”, sings Stephen Black who, as Sweet Baboo, has written and performed songs of sweet sentiment and charming melody since 2003 but never with such accomplishment as on The Boombox Ballads. Black isn’t celebrating his own loveliness, however. ‘I Just Want To Be Good’ is by fellow Welsh singer Cate Le Bon, a close friend for whom Black plays bass, and she wrote the song about him. It’s the only cover on an album of otherwise personal love songs that combine kitchen sink detail with universal appeal, and it shows a new side to Sweet Baboo: as the Harry Nilsson of Snowdonia, a gifted songwriter not above lending his dulcet tones to the words of others.

Rich with string-laden arrangements, with lyrics culled from personal experience and resonating with domesticity but imagination and wit too, The Boombox Ballads is Sweet Baboo’s sophisticated pop album: celebratory, a little melancholic, free of cynicism.

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The Bank Accounts have an ineffable charm, one scarcely seen, even amongst videos of kittens and puppies. Their honest lyricism and use of abrupt quasi-comical timing makes you wonder what dark talents you have stumbled upon. Those dark talents my friend… is music talents. Long live The Bank Accounts (now online)!

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