Take a Welsh bird and a Brummie Lad, give one a rolling pin and the other a guitar and this is what you get. Music that defies you to put it in a category but demands that you tap your foot. Less for Murder, not to listen is more than your life’s worth.

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With further support from NIEL IRSON

Danish singer-songwriter Niel Irson weaves together folk, indie pop and folk punk thus defining his own artistic space somewhere in between the poetical songwriting of Ryan Adams, the intimately personal vulnerability of Damien Rice and something that smells a bit like grunge. 2013 saw the release of his very personal, dogma-style debut, The Sweet Joy of Hunting Someone Down Рa travelogue album which demonstrates not only his ability to write great, modern and diverse songs and sing them to great effect, but also his great talent for infectious melodies and personal, poetic lyrics.

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Check out the video for ‘Joleen’: