The Huffington Post called them the “young musicians of the moment” and they’ve got the likes of NME and Clash fawning over them. Safe to say Sundara Karma are a band you need to hear.

With their instant indie pop bursting with searing guitar lines and young blood sentiment, standout track ‘Loveblood’ made its mark on BBC Radio 1‘s Annie Mac who premiered the incendiary anthem. Debut album Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect, is full of conscious anthemic tracks such as ‘Flame’, ‘Loveblood’, and ‘Be Nobody’ that are underlaid adolescent angst.

Live, their magnetic energy will make it impossible to stand still. Grab a ticket and let that fire screaming inside get out.

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Watch a live performance of ‘Loveblood’ below:

Plus support from THE MAGIC GANG

The Magic Gang recently released EP Three and shared massive new single ‘How I Can Compete’, released on Yala! Records, the baby of The Maccabees’ Felix White.

Heading onto Radio 1 as Mistajam’s Hottest Record, the Brighton bunch announced thoughts stretching ahead to their first full-length: “I feel like we’re at the point now where we’re piecing together what’s going to be on the album,” said vocalist Jack Kaye.

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Watch the video for ‘How Can I Compete’ below:

Plus support from WILLIE J HEALEY

Willie J Healey is a 22-year-old from Oxford whose hearty, lackadaisical rock songs drink from Foxygen’s cocktail of retro influences — Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen — while also resembling modern weirdos like Mac DeMarco and Ariel Pink. Like DeMarco, Healey is a bit of a goofball, too, as his videos demonstrate. Last year’s ‘Would You Be’ took the form of a mockumentary, while ‘Lazy Shade Of Pink’ finds him striking ridiculous poses in various cowboy shirts, rocking his guitar in the English countryside, and joining his drummer for some wind machine tomfoolery. Both Healey’s visual antics and their loping, howling, discursive soundtrack are a lot of fun.

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Watch the video for ‘Lazy Shade Of Pink’ below: