Hailing from ever eclectic Baltimore, Maryland, indie quintet Sun Club infuses bright instrumentals, animal calls, and delirious stomping with dirty sunshine pop to get your body grooving.

Sun Club formed in 2012 out of the ashes of an old band, with the purpose of making people go insane (in a great way). Pulling from influences like The Beach Boys and Animal Collective, Sun Club creates an array of energetic noises. After working with producer Steve Wright, their debut EP was released on Goodnight Records on January 21st 2014.

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Listen to ‘Beauty Meat’ below:

Plus support from KIN

A group that have clearly put time and effort into honing their sound, KIN create meticulously crafted indie that refrains from entering mathy territories. Emotional laden lyrics combine with innovative production and instrumental unpredictability to create something seriously intriguing.

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Listen to ‘But Tonight’ below: