Birmingham Promoters present a new weekly night at a brand new venue within the O2 InstituteThe Blue Room. Formerly called The Congregation and The Dragon Bar, the venue is on the first floor of the O2 Institute Birmingham. Access is through the main entrance on Digbeth High Street.

Every week Birmingham Promoters will showcase the best & most exciting local acts from across the West Midlands in an exclusive new venue.

This week features…





Moon Sugar are a 5 piece rock n roll band from Birmingham.

Their use of a piano instead of a rhythm guitar gives their music a different dimension from your run of the mill indie band. Jon Williams’ loud and aggressive Guitars complemented by Singer Adee Shaws growling snarl echo the sounds of early oasis records.

Moon Sugar Links: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Listen to ‘I Know What Is Real’ below:


Escapade are influenced by a number of bands including Leicester legends Kasabian, and Manchester’s finest Oasis.

The writing duo of Sam and Adam take their inspiration from a range of musicians. Sam takes his inspirations from Noel Gallagher and Kurt Cobain, whereas Adam looks finds his inspiration in The Smiths and The Stone Roses guitarists Johnny Marr and John Squire.

Escapade Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Watch the video for ‘Stepping Stones’ below:


Paper Buoys Links: Facebook | Twitter 

Watch the video for ‘Sharp As Razors’ below:


Brain Food are an up and coming psych-soaked four piece from Birmingham. Despite having only formed in March and playing a few guerilla shows then, they have since shyed away from live performances, instead opting to write new material for an EP due out in late summer.

Expect ferocious drum beats and aggressive bass lines paired with hazy, spaced-out guitars and dark vocals. Their live show is exciting and both spits and sizzles in equal measure – not one to be missed.

First single ‘Two Crows’ was released in April and is a available now on Soundcloud.

Brain Food Links: Soundcloud | Facebook

Listen to ‘Two Crows’ below: