It’s telling that Sløtface’s signature tune is called ‘Empire Records’, a song named after a 1990s film about workers at an independent record store rebelling against the news that they’re being bought out by a chain. For this is a band dedicated to fighting against the restrictions, clichés, prejudices and injustices of mainstream culture, both musical and political. They’re as angry about “boys with acoustic guitars” dominating the charts as they are about misogyny and political corruption, yet they have the nous to focus their furies into bright, melodic punk-pop roars.

They’ve been out to challenge conventions since day one, when singer Hayley Shea and guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad began writings songs together in Stavenger in Norway in 2012. Recruiting drummer Halvard Skeie Wiencke and bassist Lasse Lokøy, they named their band, and 2013 debut EP, Slutface as a jibe against society’s expectations of female sexuality, and soon rammed headlong into their first barrier. After a second EP (2014’s We’re Just Okay) and signing to Propeller Records in 2015, they changed their name to Sløtface to bypass social media censorship, and the struggle was only beginning. For the lead track from 2016’s Sponge State EP, the band hoiked their gear up Norway’s Førde Fjord to play a gig for youth activists conducting a peaceful protest against the Nordic Mining company dumping 250 million tons of chemicals and waste into the fjord.

Their fourth EP Empire Records, with its hedonistic party punk anthems ‘Take Me Dancing’ and ‘Bright Lights’, shot them into the alt-rock limelight as part of the gnashing new wave of politicised guitar music.

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Watch the video for ‘Bright Lights’ below:

Plus support from JUMP THE SHARK

Jump the Shark are a four piece alternative rock band from Wolverhampton who blend psychedelia with heavy riffs and bittersweet pop melodies. Despite adopting the punk attitude, they also embrace more complex musicianship, and colour live shows with sections of organic improvisation.

“Not even veteran bands with an army of collaborators are able to build drama like this little indie band has done” – The Revue

“Jump the Shark’s 90s-inspired, wiry indie-punk act transcends their influences thank’s to Jones’s steady backbeat and mysterious and occasionally banshee-like vocals” – Alternative Press

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Listen to ‘Daisy Chains’ below: