Black Dollar Bills are a Birmingham based four-piece. Imagine Black Rebel Motorcycle Club hooking up with The Dead Weather whilst having a scrap with The Vines and your on the right track.

The band have recently supported the likes of Deap Vally, Drenge, The Features and Little Comets, and are all set to become a real force in the darker side of the B-Town revolution.

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Listen to ‘House of Love’ below:

Plus very special guests ROYAL BLOOD

With the sheer number of Jack’n’Meg influenced duos currently doing the rounds (from Deap Vally to Drenge), you might think it’d be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Not so for Brighton’s Royal Blood, who’ve got a whole heap of industry bigwigs freaking out over their ace ‘Figure It Out’ – a 3 minute slice of thrilling, primal rock & roll that appeared unannounced on the band’s Soundcloud page but was soon picking up serious plaudits.

Now Royal Blood are pleased to announce details of their debut single. Available on 7″ and download, the self-produced ‘Out Of The Black’ will be released on 11th November 2013 on Black Mammoth Records. It’s a single that wrings the maximum amount of noise, aggression and pure youthful exuberance out of the most minimal of ingredients, featuring nothing more than Mike Kerr’s vocals and bass and Ben Thatcher’s drums.

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Listen to ‘Out of the Black’ below:

Plus support from BAD MOON

Bad Moon are a four-piece band formed in Birmingham in late 2012. Psyche, grunge and doom converge together to form their soundscape. Citing influence from Electric Wizard and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, this is evident in their signature sound, and the quartet have already supported the likes of White Hills.

“Heavy guitars and reverb-drenched vocals enticing and entertaining a room already beyond any sensible capacity. As people started to jump off window ledges into the crowd, it was evident that the night had already become one that will long remain in the memories of those present.” – Hooting and Howling

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Listen to ‘You’ below:

As well as opening support from CURB

“Curb are a Birmingham four-piece making music that you can’t seem to get out of your head. Recently exploding on to the scene with their debut track, ‘How Are You Now?’ the group fuse Pixies-esque riffs with psychedelic refrains and a Bez-fueled energy to create a sound that proves instantly infectious. With a storm of a set capable of leaving any crowd awestruck, they’re a band you really can’t afford to miss.” – Jess Goodman, Counteract Magazine.

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