Parekh & Singh are a dream-pop duo from Kolkata, India. Nischay Parekh sings, plays guitar, keyboards and synths. Jivraj Singh plays drums, drum machines and effects. While Nischay has one foot in this world and the other in the realm of dreams, Jivraj is a student of math and logic and drawn to life’s darker recesses. Friends, enemies, neighbours and brothers – they wrestle, play table tennis, eat, think, argue, play chess and roam the streets. But, above all, they make music of whimsical, magical beauty and Ocean is their debut album.

These office dreamers have conjured nine glowing tracks of cosmic pop that shimmer like an Indian sunset. While undeniably sun-kissed, a darkness lurks within. Innocence is tempered by experience. The pill-popping oddity of ‘Hill’ plays like a ‘B’ movie trailer. With the latter stealing a line from Annie Hall, a shared love of Woody Allen, David Lynch and Wes Anderson comes as no surprise.

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Watch the video for ‘I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll’ below:

Plus support from THE BANK ACCOUNTS

The Bank Accounts have an ineffable charm, one scarcely seen, even amongst videos of kittens and puppies. Their honest lyricism and use of abrupt quasi-comical timing makes you wonder what dark talents you have stumbled upon. Those dark talents my friend… is music talents. Long live The Bank Accounts (now online)!

“Saturday’s unexpected festival highlight arrives in the form of The Bank Accounts, who awe the gathered audience in the venue barn not once, but twice. Playing until their power cuts out, the trio’s passion-fuelled chant-a-longs keep the gathered singing as they drift out the doors.” – DIY

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Watch the video for ‘It’s Ok To Feel Things’ below:

Plus support from PATRICK BREWER

Playing with a full band, Patrick Brewer is a folk singer-songwriter from Birmingham, with sounds inspired by John MartynRyan Adams and Nick Drake. Sweet guitar riffs and raw vocals, Patrick’s music takes you to your favourite place.

Patrick Brewer Links: Soundcloud | Facebook

Listen to ‘Last Chance To Run’ below: