This is a true band of the people, highlighting social injustice and oozing with raw honesty. Having a clear goal in their lyrics, MassMatiks‘ universal appeal lends itself to not just one band of fans, making them accessible to all. The heart of this quartet is undeniably the song writing, with lead singer George Peploe finding inspiration in the everyday trials of life, from false hard-nuts to ex-lovers. The brutality of life and the energetic nature of the songs equates to a band full of potential and brimming with ideas.

MassMatiks played over 60 shows in 2016, which included a 20-date sold out UK tour supporting Don Broco. In addition to this, the band sold over 800 tickets to their own headline tour, and successfully sold out a further two headline shows at The Garage and Camden Assembly (both London) – to round off what was a great year for the upcoming London predators. Their incendiary live shows have grown in numbers and drawn fans from across Europe to travel to their gigs. Following on from their latest single ‘Blank Wall,’ MassMatiks are set to break down barriers of what it takes to be a rock band in 2017.

“The energy and aggression they bring to their live show is second to none” – Rob Damiani, Don Broco

“They have a swagger and a substance that is missing from alot of new bands” – Louder Than War

MassMatiks Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Watch the video for ‘4AM’ below:

Plus support from YOUTH KILLED IT

Youth Killed It are a 5-piece indie-punk band from London/Norwich. They could be mistaken for The Lost Boys from Peter Pan but instead of living in a far away land, having imaginary food fights and taking on Hook they are now trying to share their love of childhood with you one song at a time. Explosive riffs reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys and their stream-of-consciousness vocal deliveries could fool you into thinking you’re listening to a mashup of your favourite 2000’s Britpop bands. Having spent 2016 laying the foundations to their sound and gaining interest from all over the world, Youth Killed It signed an album deal with Rude Records off the back of two EP’s released early in the year.

Youth Killed It Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Watch the video for ‘What Happened?’ below:

Plus support from HISTORY OF SEX


History of Sex Links: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Plus support from DEAD SUMMERS

Birmingham based four-piece Dead Summers describe themselves as “frontman Lewis Korda’s darkest thoughts, dirty secrets and bodily fluids culminating in a deep sonic wave”.

Accompanied by Alex Gelder’s bi-polar guitar tones ranging from the sombre and sweet, to shrieking and searing. Peri Mani delivers smooth, rich bass, runs up and down the fretboard whist being locked in with Joshua Singh’s heavy, dogmatic drumming and his incredible ability to keep the band in constant groove amongst all the chaos.

Witnessing Dead Summers play live you gain insight into the realm in which the music resides through their dark, climactic and oftentimes ethereal stage shows. Dead Summers release their debut EP Western Dream in late 2017.

Dead Summers Links: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter