In early February 2017, Little Comets will release their fourth album WORHEAD on The Smallest Label, the follow up to 2015’s Hope Is A State of MindWORHEAD is the most brutally honest Little Comets album to date – acerbic, withering and uncomplimentary about the state of our time; yet woven together with great beauty and care, drenched in positive melody and the percussive thrust of an innocent mind.

Little Comets are a strident five piece from the glorious coast of North East England; Robert, Michael and Matt have been making music together since 2008 with additional pulsing now added by drummer Nathan and a second Matt – the utiliser. From early releases on larger labels, the band now favour a model of total self-reliance – illustrated by being the only act inside the top 200 to self-produce, record, release, market, distribute and publish an album: a task which simultaneously illustrates both a tireless work ethic and love of the craft of song-writing.

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Watch the video for ‘Salt’ below:

Plus support from ELIZA AND THE BEAR

Eliza and the Bear didn’t plan to be a band. Not a real band, at any rate. The Essex quintet had no intention of releasing records, never mind making an album. They had no wish to play gigs, let alone tour. When they got together in the autumn of 2011, all five had given up trying to make it as musicians, their teenage dreams of pop stardom crushed by too many five hour drives to play to ten people. It was time, they decided, to return to real life.

Hence, the band began as a hobby, a weekly meet-up of mates now in their early 20s who still loved making music, but only for fun. Which is important to know because it’s key to understanding their sound. It’s why their songs are so joyous and their lyrics life-affirming. It’s why their trumpets are triumphant and their strings soar. It’s why their all-inclusive choruses demand to be sung back, why festival audiences adore them and why their singles have been synced everywhere from Sky Movies, a Masterchef final and the BBC’s Olympics coverage to a cider advert and a daytime TV gardening show they’d rather not discuss. It’s why, whether you know it or not, you’ve heard their music.

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Watch the video for ‘Friends’ below: