Kyla La Grange isn’t new to the game. The Cambridge graduated, self-taught singer-songwriter-producer already has two critically acclaimed albums, a worldwide hit with Kygo and a burgeoning global fan-base under her belt and she’s now back with a series of singles that showcase her constantly evolving sound.

Much more than just a vocalist, Kyla represents a new generation of smart, strong-minded, innovative female pop artists who self-produce much of their music, speak out passionately about the issues close to their heart and captivate all they encounter.

Since the success of her first two albums Ashes, 2012 and Cut Your Teeth, 2014 Kyla has collaborated with Jakwob, Ben Pearce and The Artful Dodger amongst others and released a series of distinguished electronic pop singles, cementing her position as a darling of the blogosphere.

Her next releases showcase influences from a wide range of genres, from garage, to pop, to trap and electronica, and reveal an artist willing to constantly explore and move with whatever inspires her at the time. Having recently completed two global tours with dance music pioneers Faithless, and a series of exciting releases lined up, Kyla is poised to introduce her sound to a whole new audience and galvanise on support among those who are already fans on her own headline run throughout June.

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Listen to ‘Justify’ below:

Plus support from FOURS

FOURS recently released their new single ‘Stella’, the follow up to singles ‘Fade To Love’, ‘Sickly Sweet’ and ‘Painful To Watch’ which saw support from the likes of NYLON, BBC Radio and Spotify‘s New Music Friday across the globe, solidifying the band as one of the UK’s most exciting pop-prospects.

Speaking of the song, vocalist Edith Violet explains, “It’s calling out all the sleazy men that go out on their own, wait for you and your girls to get drunk, then spend the night non consensually dry humping your leg and ignoring your repeated rejections. Fuck you, and get off my arm.”

Hailing from Shepherd’s Bush, West London, FOURS is the project of best mates Edith (vocals), Dan (guitar), Jez (bass) and Luke (drums), writing and recording out of their house/ makeshift studio.

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Listen to ‘Stella’ below: