From the West Midlands rises the heavy-laced rock of HVMM. When was the last time you went to a gig and felt that teenage combination of fear and excitement? Picture a sepia-lit stage with four smartly garbed musicians staring out steely eyed. Collarless cotton, cravats, smoked chrome glinting on resting Fenders: the scene feels theatrical, anachronistic, subversive.

When the music starts, dark Victoriana bursts into apoplectic rock ’n’ roll, fizzing with a fun kind of fury. Guitarist Ebony Clay and bassist Jack Timmis smash out brawny, off-time riffs that evoke the darker moments of Led Zep IV. The space they and rampant drummer Sam Jenkins create offers singer Andy Teece’s room to spit rhythmic vocals that suggest a super-charged Tom Waits is front and center.

And then somehow, in the febrile chaos, there is sex and slick-back swagger, the sort of which you’ve seen in recent Arctic Monkeys. Take a minute to process the dark romance directing some of the lyrics and the comparison strengthens.

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Watch the video for ‘Modern Pussy’ below:

Plus support from DIRTY JANE

One of Birmingham’s noisiest and most talked about new bands Dirty Jane have been making a name for themselves with raw and intense live shows (supporting bands such at The StrypesThe Sherlocks, The Computers and The Dirty Nil) as well as catchy fast paced tunes.

Combining unruly fuzzy guitar, powerfully primal drums and thick driving bass lines as well as their own unique brand of tongue in cheek, brutally honest lyrics. They make no apologies for who or what they are, rock ‘n’ roll at its most primal.

Dirty Jane Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Watch a preview for ‘Boogie Monster’ below:

Plus support from THE KONTOURS

Hard hitting three piece from Coventry. The Kontours have supported bands such as Cage The Elephant, Twisted Wheel, The Subways and The Enemy. The Kontours have also featured Radar Section of NME Magazine.

“All together The Kontours are a well oiled machine with a bright future ahead of them” – TOXIC Online

The Kontours Links: Soundcloud | Facebook

Listen to ‘Hurricane’ below:

Plus support from JUNIPER WOLF

Formed in May 2016, Dean O (Vocals), Jason (Drums) and Dean M (Guitar) set about laying down the foundations of what would soon become Juniper Wolf. Followed not far behind by Bassist Kurt, this hard-hitting four piece was born kicking and screaming into action.

Hailing from the dark heart of the Black Country, Juniper Wolf are strong up-and-comers with a knack for creating catchy riffs that will hook you from the first listen. Drawing from their influences in both both modern and classic rock, metal and blues, they are able to create a sound completely their own, encapsulating crunching guitar, thundering bass, stomping drums and howling, gravelly vocals.

Juniper Wolf Links: Facebook | Twitter

Listen to ‘Jet Black, Real Blue’ below: