In following his musical horizon, Felix Riebl has sung, danced, hooted, hollered, loved, shouted, sweated and danced from hundreds of stages, in scores of countries. The lithe, charismatic, and gentle Melbournian has always exuded the joie de vivre and boundless love of music one associates with a life lived long, full and well.

As the co-founder and long-time front man of The Cat Empire, Riebl has spun the magic of his musical vision around the globe since his late teens, firmly establishing himself as one of our most passionate, durable, and genuinely engaging musical ambassadors.

But with the release of his second full solo album Paper Doors (following 2011’s well received, rock-oriented album Into the Rain) Felix makes the rare quiet spaces and simple still places add up to something rare and special. After years of navigating the surreal, body-trashing banality, and momentary bliss of tour life, he’s peering over his shoulder to re-glimpse the experience.

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Watch the video for ‘Crocodiles’ below:

Plus support from AZUSENA

Brit singer-songwriter Azusena taps into a vein of contemporary pop music we’d usually associate more with dreamy, though understatedly brooding, American West Coast artists like Lana Del Rey. It’s hardly surprising then, that Azusena is affiliated with Lana’s first UK label, Stranger Records, the record company also responsible for a string of dark-pop gems from Charlotte OC. ‘Clever Gains’ follows in the footsteps of ‘You’ – a year old now, how time flies – with atmospheric minor key piano, possessive sentimental lyrics and creeping percussion all swelling together simultaneously.

A thoroughly 21st century artist, Azusena brings a strain of spirituality to her dreamy, smoky trip-pop, and we believe she’s an artist we’ll all be hearing much about in the coming years.

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Listen to ‘Clever Gains’ below:

Plus support from TAMU MASSIF

Dave Dixon, who goes by the sobriquet Tamu Massif, has dropped the second track ‘OK’ off his forthcoming EP. Tamu Massif shows influences from Chet Faker, James Blake and Bon Iver. He has graceful pitch shifts, a delicate tone and a plethora of feel good instruments scattered throughout strategic soundscapes. This track defines the lingering thoughts within the artist’s mind; ‘OK’ embodies the realness of a fading friendship – when you feel like you’re in the midst of losing someone close to your heart. Massif describes the different sounds he used to create the full bodied soundscape on the New Year’s Eve he spent in Naples last year. Massif pulled inspiration from the sounds of explosions and firecrackers heard from his Italian balcony.

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Watch the video for ‘OK’ below: