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Plus support from JUNIPER WOLF

Formed in May 2016, Dean O (Vocals), Jason (Drums) and Dean M (Guitar) set about laying down the foundations of what would soon become Juniper Wolf. Followed not far behind by Bassist Kurt, this hard-hitting four piece was born kicking and screaming into action.

Hailing from the dark heart of the Black Country, Juniper Wolf are strong up-and-comers with a knack for creating catchy riffs that will hook you from the first listen. Drawing from their influences in both both modern and classic rock, metal and blues, they are able to create a sound completely their own, encapsulating crunching guitar, thundering bass, stomping drums and howling, gravelly vocals.

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Listen to ‘Jet Black, Real Blue’ below:

Plus support from EMPYRE

“10/10” is how Midlands Rocks rates Empyre’s latest EP Something Remains. Rock and Roll simply describe it as “Brilliant”. A good start, but Empyre want more, and they’re hard to satisfy. In short, Empyre is a British rock band with influences ranging from the sound of Seattle in the 90s, and dirty blues rock to more atmospheric and acoustic music. Their foundations are based on rock vocals and striking guitar riffs, but that’s not to say that Empyre only play rock n’ roll.

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Watch the video for ‘Drive’ below:

Plus support from ELECTRIC SOUP

Electric Soup are a rock blues band hailing from Birmingham. Their songs are a mix of high energy stompers and slow groovers. They draw from an eclectic mix of influences to create there own unique blend of music. The name fits well.

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Listen to ‘I Got Something’ below: