Seven years into his career, David Ford will release his fourth solo album ‘Charge’ in March 2013, recorded by NY-based studio wizard James Brown (often found making Grammy winning albums with the likes of Foo Fighters). In the time honoured tradition of the troubadour, he will tour the backside off of it throughout the UK in April, taking in Birmingham’s own Hare & Hounds.

Charge’ reflects the familiar musical and lyrical themes of Ford’s work: a healthy shot of Americana, a sprinkle of English melodicism and a touch of rock n roll, all tied together with finely crafted lyrics that observe Ford’s estrangement from the world of modern rock and his commitment to keeping it just that way.

Ford’s passionate live performances and his exquisite songwriting craft have won him a devoted and loyal fan base across the USA, Canada, the UK and more recently in France, where his song ‘I’m Alright Now’ has recently been covered and taken to Number One by French music legend Johnny Hallyday.

The epitome of the ‘cult’ artist, David Ford is loved by everyone who has ever heard him and yet remains a complete unknown to the majority of people.

The troubadour tradition lives on. And you can see it in action at these forthcoming gigs…

‘Charge’ is set for release in March 2013 via David’s own label.

Check out the video for ‘Go To Hell’:

Plus support from JARROD DICKENSON

Texas-born, New York City-based songwriter, Jarrod Dickenson’s slightly spooky melodies and lyrics invoke a mid-Western post-war America, when cars ran on leaded gas, television hadn’t yet kidnapped the country’s imagination, and men wore hats every day. His reflective lyrics, almost like hand-written letters, remind us that human stories of lost love, sudden fortune, and abiding mystery transcend the decades…and nothing is better or worse right now than it’s ever been.